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A 16-year-old girl has died after she was struck by lighting in Florida while out hunting with her father, officials said on Thursday.

Baylee Holbrook and her father were hunting in Putnam County, about 30 miles East of Gainesville, on Tuesday when a bolt struck a tree and hit them, local law enforcement said.

Trinity Baptist Church shared the heartbreaking update of her death two days later, writing:  ‘At 9.32 this morning, Baylee Holbrook entered into the arms of Jesus…. Matt, Casey and Kylee are grateful for the outpouring of love and support. We ask that you please respect the privacy of the family at this time.’

Holbrook was surrounded by family at the time of hear death at the hospital, the church added. 

All athletic events at Hombrook’s high school have been cancelled. 

Florida teen Baylee Holbrook (right) and her father (left) were out hunting on Tuesday when the lighting strike occurred 

The 16-year-olds’s father lost consciousness and when he woke up, he found her not breathing

‘All are invited for a time of fellowship and prayer at the CL Overturf auditorium all day today. We are in prayer for the Holbrook family and reflecting as well as sharing,’ the church said on Facebook.

Holbrook’s father lost consciousness after the bolt struck, and when he woke up, the teen found her not breathing. The father quickly called 911 and performed CPR on his daughter until deputies and first responders arrived.

Holbrook was transported to the HCA Florida Putnam Hospital and taken to a trauma center, where she was listed in critical condition.

‘She has proven a fighter and our prayers extend to her, her family and friends,’ the Sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

The teen’s loved ones took to social media after learning of her death to honor her.

‘As I sit here with eyes filled with tears, I just keep asking God why, why Baylee? Why is it always the good ones? Why does bad things happen to such good people? So young.. I am mad & sad all in one,’ wrote Ryan Eubanks.

‘God, please put your hands around this family. Hold them and do not let go!!’

Holbrook’s classmates gathered on Wednesday morning to pray for the Palatka Junior-Senior High School student’s recovery.

The community came together again later that night for a vigil in her honor her at the school gym.

‘She cares so much about everyone else. She has a heart for her friends, people she loves, people she comes in contact with she has a heart for people in general,’ the family’s spokesperson Willie McKinnon said to WOKV.

Holbrook was taken to the hospital where she died on Thursday

All athletic events at Hombrook’s high school have been cancelled. 

Holbrook was a varsity cheerleader and the team will honor her by wearing her favorite color, green, ribbons and bows in their game on Friday. 

Her friends described her as a pillar of the community with a smile that brighten up every room.

‘She’s hilarious, she always comes on with a smile on her face she could be battling the worst day, but she comes with a smile on her face,’ Kaitlyn Sanders said. 

‘It’s like a brother-sister relationship, we hunt fish all sorts of things like that,’ her cousin said. ‘She’s a fighter and I know she will stay in this and I love you Baylee.’ 

McKinnon shared a message from her parents: ‘Please ask God to do what he can only do and that’s perform a miracle.’

Holbrook’s classmates came together around the Palatka Junior-Senior High School to pray for her recovery on Wednesday

Wednesday evening the community held a vigil for the 16-year-old. A spokesperson for the family had asked people to pray for her recovery

The sheriff’s office said there had been an increase in lightning strikes in the area over the past two days and warned the community of the upcoming forecast.

Fox Weather said severe weather has been reported across the sunshine state due to a stalled out front to the north that allowed numerous showers and storms to develop up and down the Florida Peninsula.

They forecasted thunderstorms will slam the state into the weekend with most parts of the state getting at least 2 inches of rain through Saturday.

There are about 40 million lightning strikes which hit the ground in the United States each year, yet the odds of actually being struck in any given 12 months are less than one in a million, according to CDC.

Survivors described being left with ringing in their ears, PTSD, severe burns, mental health issues, vision impairments, heart palpitations and more.

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