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The jig is up.

Not one Republican agreed that Donald Trump should be held accountable if convicted over his indictments, as they seek to weaponize President Biden’s son’s indictment against the president.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee member serving on the impeachment inquiry panel Rep. Greg Casar (D-TX) asked committee members to raise their hands if they believe both Hunter Biden and Donald Trump should be held accountable for any indictments if convicted and zero Republicans raised their hands.

Casar demanded, “Raise your hand if you think both Hunter and Trump should be held accountable for any of the indictments against them if convicted by a jury of their peers… Raise your hands if you think equal justice under the law applies, and if Trump should be held accountable.”

Every Democrat raised their hand.


Casar: Will members of the oversight committee raise their hands if you believe both Hunter and Trump should be held accountable for any of indictments if convicted?

Democrats: *raises hands*

Republicans: pic.twitter.com/tZ8clpgW3c

— Acyn (@Acyn) September 28, 2023

When no Republicans raised their hands, Casar continued, “I think it is worse than embarrassing that Republicans won’t raises their hands. They refuse to say that equal justice under the law should apply to everyone.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene did her whataboutism troll by talking over Rep. Casar to inject her favorite domestic terrorists, the January 6th attackers, into the dialogue as if somehow they were unfairly treated.

This commenter made a fair point:

Of course QANON Marjorie Taylor Greene had to mention #Jan6th defendants. She believes this guy, @JakeLangJ6 was just redressing his grievances and shouldn’t go to prison. #MAGACult pic.twitter.com/1a66fvKxd3

— Laurie (@Laurieluvsmolly) September 28, 2023

Somehow Ms. Greene never stays still for long enough on one spot for anyone to educate her as she demands must be done for her to know anything, but if she were to, someone could ask her to draw a line from treating convictions like they’re irrelevant to defending people who attacked law enforcement to pretending to be for “law and order” to see if anything shook loose for her.

While many of the House Republicans know better, Greene is perhaps one of the true believers, which should surprise no one as she repeated Q Anon conspiracies and claimed that no one had told her it wasn’t true. She saw it on the internet, y’all, so it’s real. Whereas Donald Trump’s 91 alleged crimes are all stored far from the place where her lonely beliefs might collide.

After her rather loud interruption, Casar continued, “This double standard insults the institutions of Congress that people fought and died to build. This impeachment hearing clearly is not about justice. We cannot say equal justice under the law for everyone, except for the guy who holds the leash.”

So, no, House Republicans do not think the law should apply equally. The law is only to be weaponized against people like Joe Biden, whom they can’t beat fairly. This is what losers do: They fight a dirty, unprincipled fight because they can’t win if they follow the rules.

The dirty fight over which House Republicans are humiliating themselves is meant to help four times criminally indicted Donald Trump, who has also been found separately to be liable for rape and fraud. This is the man they refuse to say should be held accountable were he to be convicted, as they bring forth witnesses who refute their empty accusations against Biden.

In the broader context, though, Republicans keep signaling that the law is a weapon to them. It is to be used to maintain power the people did not give them, it is to be weaponized against the people they do not like, and it is to be used against democracy until the democracy for which the United States has been so envied is nothing but an autocratic farce of freedom.

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