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A man who survived being burned alive by murder suspect Jason Billingsley has revealed his sickening injuries and told for the first time how he was forced to watch his girlfriend being repeatedly raped and tortured.

Sex offender Billinglsey, 32, was arrested late last night for two shocking attacks that culminated in the brutal murder of budding tech CEO Pava LaPere on Monday at her upscale Baltimore apartment.

The powerfully built sex offender was able to bludgeon 26-year-old Pava to death despite being the prime suspect in a violent home invasion and arson attack that took place one week earlier.

With the 300-pound suspect finally under lock and key, surviving victim Jonte Gilmore, 26, has described the moment he was pistol-whipped and handcuffed before Billingsley slashed, choked and raped his partner.

Jonte Gilmore, 26, spoke to DailyMail.com from his hospital bed in a Baltimore burns unit after he and his girlfriend were bound and tortured in a gruesome arson attack by murder suspect Jason Billingsley

Gilmore was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery Tuesday to graft skin from his right thigh to his arms

He described the moment he was pistol-whipped and handcuffed before Billingsley allegedly slashed, choked and raped his partner

He told DailyMail.com that he’s furious with authorities for failing to track down Billingsley – revealing for the first time how the brazen monster stole his phone and used it to text his mother and a friend asking for money.

‘The cops messed up. They said they were tracking him through my phone but they didn’t do their jobs,’ Jonte told DailyMail.com from his hospital bed in a Baltimore burns unit.

Fighting tears, he added: ‘When I saw what happened to the young lady, Pava, I was devastated. I saw pictures of her face and it made me cry.

Jason Billingsley, 32, who was released from prison almost a year ago, was arrested on Wednesday for first-degree murder, among other charges

‘After what he did to us the police should have warned everyone this guy was out there and he was dangerous.’

Police have confirmed that Billingsley – who has prior convictions for attempted rape and assault but was freed seven years into a 30-year prison sentence – worked as a handyman at the townhouse where Jonte was attacked.

Jonte had been dating the female resident and was asleep in her bed when Billingsley started hammering on the door of her basement flat on the morning of September 19, calling out ‘maintenance – there’s been a flood in the kitchen.’

When the 26-year-old opened up, Billinglsey grabbed her by the hair, pistol whipped her and bundled her into a bathroom where he demanded money and handcuffed her.

Jonte awoke to find a gun pressed to his head by the intruder, who wore a black ski mask and was equipped with a sinister ‘rape kit’, comprising gloves, cuffs, duct tape and a pocketknife.

‘He put the gun to my temple and said, ‘if you keep moving or try anything stupid, I’m going to rape your girlfriend. She’s upstairs and I’m going to kill you’. So I let him put on the handcuffs,’ said Jonte.

‘He started to put duct tape around my head, my eyes, my mouth, my ankles, then laid me on the floor and went upstairs and got my girlfriend.

Gilmore, who had been sleeping with his partner at her townhouse at the time of the attack, said the two were doused in a clear, colorless liquid before Billingsley set the room ablaze

DailyMail.com previously revealed that detectives are probing links between Pava LePere’s slaying and an unsolved arson attack and sex assault on a young couple. Images obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com show the blackened shell where the horrifying rape and arson unfolded

Images obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com show the windows boarded up at the home where Billingsley is believed to have raped a young woman at knifepoint as her partner looked on, then doused the room with gas and fled

‘He forced himself inside of her. He raped her, tortured her. He kept taunting her, saying things like, ‘is this the sort of man you deal with, he don’t even have no protection’.

‘When she said she had to use the bathroom he made her come over to me and stoop down and pee on me.’

Jonte says Billingsley forced the female to drink from a bottle of Bacardi he found beside the bed.

He stole weed from Jonte’s pocket, smoked a joint and drank the rum. To drown out the victims’ sobs he switched on the TV and played loud music.

When he briefly left the room, Jonte’s girlfriend asked him: ‘Do you think we are going to die?’

She found a pair of scissors from a drawer and started to cut the duct tape away from his face before Billingsley walked back into the room, enraged.

‘He came in and put the gun to my head and told my girlfriend, didn’t I tell you I do not have anything to lose?’ said Jonte.

‘I said, no, you do not have to kill me. I did not see your face. You do not have to shoot me or kill me.’

Jonte was bundled into a closet but through a small gap in the tape he was able to watch with one eye as Billingsley continued to rape his partner.

He pulled out his knife and began to carve deep cuts into her leg and ankles.

Billingsley is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Baltimore tech CEO Pava LaPere, 26, who was found on the roof of her apartment on Monday

Pava Marie LaPere, 26, was killed by blunt force trauma inside her luxury Mount Vernon, Baltimore apartment , and her body was found by police on Monday

Police sources confirmed to DailyMail.com that LaPere’s badly-beaten body was found on the roof of her luxury apartment building

He put on gloves and choked her but when he couldn’t finish her off, he slashed her throat twice.

‘She was laying there on her stomach, faking like she was dead. But all that time she was really fighting to keep conscious and stay alive,’ Jonte recalled.

‘He grabbed her body and lifted it up and let it fall to the ground. She didn’t move, she just fell. He must have thought at that point that she was dead. So did I.’

Jonte said Billingsley started to douse them both in a clear, colorless liquid. He noticed it smelled of gas and realized his tormentor was about to set the room ablaze.

Billingsley fled the room as it started to fill with heat and smoke.

‘I said, babe, listen, I’m in the closet. Find an area that’s not burning in the house. Do a drop and roll. Her hair was on fire but she managed to smack the flames out.

‘I said listen, I need you to get out of the house and go and find help, please. She said, no, I’m not leaving you. I got angry with her but she kept repeating the same thing, I’m not leaving you behind.’

Eventually the girl managed to force open a window and scream for help.

Jonte burst out of the closet and after several attempts managed to ‘bunny hop’ to safety, clambering into the street in just his underwear, his hands still cuffed behind his back.

He was covered in burns but had to wait for the police to arrive to release him from the handcuffs.

Billingsley was described by the commissioner of Baltimore police as a repeat violent offender

Billingsley has a criminal record dating back to 2009, and was sentenced to 30 years – but released after only nine

He wanted answers from his girlfriend about the man who had come so close to burning them alive.

‘She came to me and put her forehead on top of mine and then I asked her, how did he get in the house?’ said Jonte.

‘She said he let himself in the house. He is the maintenance man. He has a key. And we kept crying and crying because the burns were hurting my chest and arms and stomach.’

Jonte was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery Tuesday to graft skin from his right thigh to his arms.

He hoped he had provided a crucial lead to help police catch their man: the arsonist had stolen Jonte’s phone and sent a text to his mother Latrice Johnson asking for $50 bucks.

He also contacted another friend through TikTok to make a similar request but the recipient thought it was suspicious and refused.

Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley told reporters Thursday that detectives did everything they could to track down Billinglsey.

He evaded capture long enough to allegedly murder young entrepreneur Pava, a rising star in tech who made the prestigious Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list.

When her name is mentioned to Jonte his voice trembles and he begins to cry.

‘She did not deserve that’ he told DailyMail.com. ‘Who would do something like that to her.’

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