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Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) called the Republican Biden impeachment hearing a disaster and was met with laughter in the hearing room.

Moskowitz said:

 What a day we are having here, isn’t it right? I mean, listen as a former director of emergency management, I know a disaster when I see one. I mean, by the way, you don’t. Don’t you don’t believe me? Just just ask Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon just went on and said perhaps the Republicans shouldn’t have started with a witness who’s talking about Professor Turley, who was going to say right off the bat that there wasn’t an impeachable offense. He’s quote , he says. Perhaps we should have put him on the maybe list for one of our witnesses.
So your other witness, Ms O’Connor gave a complete recitation of the last nine months. Eight months of these hearings, She went through some of the greatest hits that have come out right? Everything that has been presented. You know, both in these committees that we’ve been having on TV, all of the evidence that you guys have been presenting over the last eight months, all of that together and what does Professor Turley say? It says everything we know at this juncture doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment.


Senior Republicans have called this hearing an unmitigated disaster, and it has descended to the point of Democrats making jokes and the room laughing at the Republican attempts to impeach Joe Biden.

The faux impeachment hearing is what happens when unserious people try to pretend to be serious.

House Republicans have been seen right through, and their impeachment hearing, which isn’t really an impeachment hearing has been such a failure that it is now considered comedy.

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