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Donald Trump pretended like he was addressing UAW workers and took credit for saving the auto industry in a Michigan speech that was an embarrassment.

Trump was speaking at non-union parts supplier in a different county, but pretended like he was addressing UAW workers:

Crooked Joe backed every single blood-sucking globalist attacked or us auto workers and you’ve been attacked for a long time. Those attacks all stopped for four years with us. And they were getting so strong and you were getting so strong and they were building plants here again. Now, the plants are going back to Mexico and they’re going back to China and he’s coming back, coming back for more

. I don’t know that he’s going to make it to the starting gate. But let’s assume he does. If it’s not him, it will be somebody else with the same ideas because that’s the ideas they have. They’re very destructive for our country, but we will stop him. Hopefully, your leaders at United Auto Workers will endorse Donald Trump because, you know, standard history for years and decades and years and years, years, they always endorse a Democrat. It’s almost like it’s almost like an automatic reflex and there’s no reason for it.


Trump later topped himself by claiming that he saved the auto industry, “I’m working for you, not for me, that is for sure. And I always will, I will always have your back. I promise you that I will always have your back. When I came into office, the auto industry was on its knees gasping its last breath after eight long years of Obama and Biden. But you finally got a president who stood up to the, you got to understand. I stood up to people that hate you. They hate you or they may hate our country, but I stood up for you. I stood up for the auto workers.”

Trump stood up for autoworkers and other union members by trying to destroy collective bargaining in the United States.

By the way, Trump didn’t save the auto industry. That was Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Trump’s speech in Michigan revealed that he has nothing new to say and nothing to offer America’s union workers. Trump brought his usual toxic brew of grievance, divisive language, and lies to Michigan. The problem was that it was nothing that Michigan and the rest of the country hadn’t heard out of Trump for the past eight years.

Donald Trump’s act is stale. He rarely campaigns, and when he does show up somewhere, it is for a humiliating nostalgia tour where he hits all of the same beats like a man who has been frozen in time and not moved past 2016.

Trump is humiliating himself, and if the Republican Party had a spine it would send him back to Mar-a-Lago to play golf and await his first felony conviction


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