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A massive money pool of unclaimed cash is sitting untouched as residents of one Australian state are urged to hop on and see if they can claim.

Over $200 million worth of individual payments have been gathered by Queensland’s Public Trustee, with one lucky resident owed $1.3 million from an estate.

The money has been collected from utility companies, real estate agents, accountants, share registries, investment companies and deceased estates.

‘(There are) hundreds, thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands (of dollars) waiting for them,’ CEO of the Queensland Public Trustee Samay Zhouand said. 

Queenslanders are being urged to hop online and check whether they are eligible to claim a part of the $200million money pool amassed by the Public Trustee (stock image)

In previous years the highest amount of unclaimed money was $750,000 but this has been overtaken this year with one lucky resident owed $1.3million from an estate (stock image)

‘I urge Queenslanders to search the unclaimed monies register on the Queensland public trustee website and they could be entitled to that money.

‘Last financial year we paid out more than 2,000 claims at a total of $3.3million dollars,’ he told 9News.

‘This year, we want Queenslanders to help us beat that.’

Mr Zhouand said the Public Trustee receives lodgements of unclaimed monies on a regular basis.

‘In recent years our largest amount of unclaimed money that we’ve given to a lucky Queenslander is three-quarters of a million dollars,’ he added. 

CEO of the Queensland Public Trustee Samay Zhouand (pictured) said there is ‘hundreds, thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands (of dollars) waiting’ to be claimed 

This year’s highest total owed to one person sits at a whopping $1.3million.

The money is amassed by the Public Trustee when companies lose touch with individual and company customers, with the business then required to lodge the unclaimed amount. 

Amounts can also end up with the Trustee when a customer changes their personal details, such as bank accounts, addresses and names through marriage.

The current money pool is sitting at $206million as of September.

Queenslanders can find the unclaimed money register on the Public Trustee’s website and will need to product ID and documentation to prove they are entitled to the amount.

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