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One of two women accused of stealing $600 worth of manicure equipment from a supply store in California returned to demand the shopkeepers return the phone she had dropped.

Kaydrianna Hall, 24, and Serenadi Banks, 19, are accused of shoplifting the stock from a nail supply store in Murrieta, California.

Two women were caught on CCTV as they pretended to shop around Premier Nail Supply before heading to ‘check out’ at the till.

When it was time to pay the two suspects made a break for it and dashed out of the store with $600 worth of supplies in tow.  

But one of them fumbled the plan by dropping her phone – worth more than the loot itself – during the great escape and had to re-enter the store minutes later to ask for it back.

Kaydrianna Hall, 24, and Serenadi Banks, 19, are accused of shoplifting the stock from a nail supply store in Murrieta, California 

Video appears to show the two suspects pretending to shop around before bolting for the door when it came time to pay

Surveillance footage shared with Fox News showed the cashier and the store-owner chasing after the robbers.

After the shoplifters pulled off their robbery one of them had to return to the scene of the crime because she had dropped her phone during their getaway.

She went back just a few minutes later and aggressively demanded that the employees return her phone – which had her ID and credit card in the case. 

When the suspect brazenly returned to collect her phone, the owner and shopkeeper told her if she returned the stolen goods she could have her phone back ‘no questions asked’.

The suspect then angrily shoved the shop owner in the face and sent him stumbling into the shelves of nail supplies behind him. She then went for the pregnant cashier by aggressively lunging at her.

It’s unclear if the shoplifter was able to regain possession of her phone before the pair fled the scene in a black vehicle.

One of the alleged thieves had to return to Premier Nail Supplies just a few minutes after making their escape because she dropped her phone 

The woman demanded the owner and storekeeper return her phone and when they offered to give it back in exchange for the stolen goods ‘no questions asked’ she physically attacked them both 

The Murrieta police confirmed that the phone was worth more than the stolen goods 

Hall and Banks were caught by police just moments after they made their escape and were found still sitting in the car outside of their home about a mile away.

The women both posted bail of $5,000 each and were released from police custody. 

The Murrieta police shared an update on the robbery-gone-wrong on their Facebook page.

The post said: ‘For sure woulda been easier to just buy the products with the credit card that was in the phone case.’

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