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A Stetson-wearing Elon Musk on Thursday warned that New York City‘s inability to cope with the migrant crisis was an ominous sign for the rest of the country, insisting that he was ‘extremely pro-immigrant’, but wanted to see the system regulated.

In a livestream from Eagle Pass, Texas, Musk said he wanted to share with his 158 million followers scenes from the overwhelmed border town, and at one point turned his camera on rows of people sitting on the ground awaiting processing under a bridge.

But the stream crashed after only four minutes, in an echo of his disastrous attempt to host Ron DeSantis‘s campaign launch on X. That broadcast, too, was marred by repeated collapse of the connection. 

Musk opened by saying he was there to ‘eyeball what was going on, so you can get the real story.’

It is thought that 100,000 people waded through the Rio Grande and into the town last week. 

In the last 10 days, law enforcement in Eagle Pass have also arrested more than 17,000 illegal immigrants, according to the Washington Examiner

Shelters in border towns like Eagle Pass have been stretched well over capacity due to the thousands of crossings every day. 

A Stetson-wearing Elon Musk was in Eagle Pass, Texas on Thursday to try and livestream interviews from the struggling border city. He warned the livestream would be ‘raw’ and unedited – and indeed, it collapsed after only four minutes

Musk is seen in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Thursday attempting to livestream interviews with local officials

Flanked by Tony Gonzalez, the local congressman, Musk said: ‘This is not a piece that is being filmed and subsequently edited. This is the raw feed, right here.’

He added: ‘As an immigrant to the United States I am extremely pro-immigrant, and I believe we need an expanded immigration system so anyone who is hard-working and honest should be let in.

‘But we should not let in people breaking the law. That doesn’t make sense. The law is there for a reason.’

He said it was important to stop ‘a flow of people that is of such magnitude that it is leading to a collapse of essential services, and causing even America’s largest city, New York, to buckle under the pressure.’

The South African-born billionaire added: ‘If New York can’t handle it, pretty much no part of the country can.’

The live stream then crashed, after only four minutes. 

Eagle Pass has seen a surge in migrant crossings in the last weeks, with 7,500 crossing the Rio Grande in two days.

Harrowing images from the porous border show droves of migrants traversing difficult terrain and wading through the Rio Grande river. 

Families are seen clinging to each other, with some struggling to carry soaking wet bags of belongings across the water. 

After crossing from the Mexico side in Piedras Negras, the asylum seekers are met by law enforcement, including the National Guard, before they reach long lines of razor wire. 

Officers are seen helping people through the terrain, including lifting small children exhausted by the journey to safety, while many migrants are pictured queuing up as they wait to be processed. 

Musk’s livestream returned after a 30-minute delay. 

Gonzalez, the local congressman, said that this district needed more help.

‘It’s not a partisan issue,’ said Gonzalez. ‘It’s a policy issue. We can be humane, we can protect those who need asylum, and expel those who do not.’ 

Throughout the month of August, upwards of 232,000 migrants crossed the US-Mexico border – and up to two million are estimated to have crossed this year 

Some migrants were seen struggling with soaking wet bags of belongings as they tried to cross the river, where they were met by military troops on the Texas side

After making their way into the US, many migrants were seen queueing up as they waited to be processed by border agents 

Musk added that he had heard you could search on Google for the correct terms to say to trigger an asylum claim.

‘What we are seeing here in some cases is pretty extreme individuals coming through,’ said Musk.

‘Obviously not everyone is like that.’ 

Musk said that he had heard stories of ‘unrepentant murderers’ with tear tattoos on their faces who had claimed asylum, and vanished into the system. 

He told Gonzalez: ‘This sounds like complete madness.’

Gonzalez replied: ‘It is. Imagine having to live in it every day. That’s why it is so important for you to come down here. Does any of this look normal to you?’ 

Musk asked some Border Patrol agents if they wanted to speak, but they told him they were not authorized to do so.

‘Anyone else we can talk to?’ he asked Gonzalez. 

As officials scramble for solutions, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has led the movement to bus migrants to northern states to share the burden of ineffective border policies while bringing the crisis to national attention.

In New York, where over 100,000 migrants have poured into the city, Mayor Eric Adams admitted this month that the influx could ‘destroy’ the Big Apple. 

But Salinas took aim at such comments as he slammed Biden’s response to the influx in Eagle Pass, saying on social media this week: ‘We’re not a city that has the resources of New York, Chicago, cities like that. 

‘You already see big cities already complaining that they’re getting large amounts of undocumented immigrants. I mean, we’re Eagle Pass. We only have limited resources, so this is not sustainable.

‘As a mayor, what’s disappointing is that we haven’t heard from the president of the United States or the vice president of the United States… To this day, I haven’t heard of a concrete plan of action to stop this from continuing to happen. Sometimes, we feel kind of abandoned here at the at the border here in Eagle Pass.’

Many migrants, including young children, are the victims of elaborate multi-billion dollar human trafficking schemes that are run by drug cartels that funnel people over the border 

A border agent walked along lines of razor wire near the border in Eagle Pass, Texas 

A large percentage of the migrants are from Venezuela, which has been economically devastated in recent years while the nation’s population plummets 

Elon Musk has announced he will go to Eagle Pass, Texas, later this week to observe the situation at the US-Mexico border

With the situation at Eagle Pass continuing to deteriorate, tech billionaire Elon Musk – an outspoken critic of the migrant crisis – said this week he is readying to visit the border town.

Musk, 52, said he had spoken to Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales, which led him to plan a visit ‘to see what’s going on for myself.’

‘They are being overwhelmed by unprecedented numbers – just hit an all-time high and still growing!’ he said on his platform X, formerly Twitter. 

In a different post responding to a DailyMail.com video of chaos outside a migrant shelter in Staten Island, Musk said ‘this is a severe crisis.’ 

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