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An attorney for the husband of missing Colorado woman Suzanne Morphew, whose body was found last week after a three-year search, angrily condemned ‘finger pointing’ at her client – and suggested a serial killer could be on the loose.

Suzanne Morphew, 49, was last seen on May 10, 2020, setting out for a bike ride from the Salida, Colorado home she shared with husband Barry and their two daughters. The pair had both had affairs, and she had texted him that she was ‘done’ with their marriage days before she vanished.

Barry was arrested a year after she disappeared and charged with her murder – despite there being no body.

But, after arguments about the evidence and procedures, charges were dropped a year later without prejudice – meaning he could be charged again, if new evidence came to light.

On Thursday, Barry Morphew’s attorney Iris Eytan spoke out against what she called ‘the overriding focus’ on ‘finger pointing right back where it started three and a half years ago: a movement to blindly re-accuse Barry for Suzanne’s death.’

Barry and Suzanne Morphew. She disappeared in May 2020, and her body was found last week, on September 22. He was charged with her murder a year after her disappearance, but charges were dropped a year later

Iris Eytan, attorney for Barry Morphew, is pictured with the legal team in April 2022, when the charges against him were dropped

Eytan noted, in a statement sent to KKTV, that Suzanne Morphew’s remains were found 45 miles south of the Morphew family home.

Barry Morphew, a landscaper, was at work near Denver, 140 miles north of the family home, on the day she was reported missing.

But in a 130-page affidavit, made public in September 2021 after Barry was arrested, prosecutors suggested ‘that from 2:47pm on May 9, 2020 until 5:37am on May 10, 2020, he took steps to dispose of evidence in Suzanne Morphew’s disappearance and death, create a false alibi for himself and stage a crime scene.’

The case was abandoned shortly before trial, and Barry launched a $15 million defamation case against the local authorities, which is still pending.

Barry Morphew was accused of murdering his wife, Suzanne, right, who went missing on Mother’s Day in 2020. Charges were dropped shortly before his trial date

Suzanne Morphew is pictured alongside her husband, Barry Morphew

Morphew was charged with his wife’s murder in 2021 – the charges were later dropped

Eytan said it would be ‘ludicrous’ for investigators to now try and claim Barry Morphew was near Moffat, where Suzanne’s remains were found.

‘Barry was the most scrutinized, dissected, surveilled individual, minute by minute, hour by hour using law enforcement cameras posted by his home, phone taps and GPS devices placed on his car – all during the time frame of her disappearance and the years following,’ said Eytan.

‘At no time did the FBI, CBI, Chaffee County Sheriff Office or DA’s Office pinpoint or even generally claim that Barry was in any area south of his home, near Moffat or anywhere near Saguache County at any relevant time frame.

‘It would be ludicrous for anyone to now try to fit the now known facts to prior false assumptions and accusations.’

Eytan said that Suzanne’s remains were found while police were searching for Edna Quintana, a 55-year-old with known medical complications, who was last seen in the area on May 3.

Eytan also referenced ‘Krystal Reisinger’ – a young mother, Kristal Anne Reisinger, who was last seen in the town of Crestone in July 2016.

Reisinger, 29, attended a drum circle ceremony, joining a group gathered to party under the full summer moon, and was never seen again.

Crestone is 13 miles from Moffat, where Morphew’s remains were found.

Kristal Anne Reisinger, 29, was last seen in the town of Crestone – 13 miles from where Suzanne Morphew’s body was found – in July 2016

Eytan said that investigators were so focused on Barry Morphew being the suspect they had not considered searching south of their home, because Barry was not there.

‘What needs to be done instead of pointing fingers at Barry Morphew, is asking the officials about the number of missing people and number of human remains that have been recovered in or from Saguache County in the recent past,’ said Eytan.

‘Whatever happened to Krystal Reisinger, Edna Quintana, Suzanne, the man whose remains were found by Saguache County Sheriff’s office in the foothills on July 26, 2023, or the remains of the person found in another area in Saguache County last weekend.

‘What were the circumstances of their disappearances, what is cause and manner of death of the remains found in the area, what happened to them, are they looking for other remains in this area?

‘The public should demand answers about these five people who suspiciously went missing or were found dead in this area.’

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