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A woman has been sentenced for stalking her real estate agent husband’s old boss and colleagues. 

Robyn Stacee Whisker, 53, pleaded guilty to three stalking charges in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Queensland‘s Sunshine Coast on Thursday.

The Mooloolaba woman sent a series of texts to her husband Grant Whisker’s former real estate agent colleagues over a three month period earlier this year following litigation proceedings, according to court documents.

The court heard Ms Whisker had called Define Property Agents owner Ross Cattle, a ‘tiny, insignificant maggot’, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported.

She also sent texts to Mr Cattle’s wife Angela, which he later described as ‘so horrific you can’t repeat them’.

Robyn Stacee Whisker, 53, from Mooloolaba has been sentenced to 18 months probation after being accused of stalking her husband’s former boss and co-workers

The court also heard that she had also messaged the agency’s business manager, Katie Davies, and told her ‘you’ve hurt some people I love. You and I have a problem’.

Court documents showed that Ms Whisker had admitted to police that she used an app to create new phone numbers in order to hide her identity while texting.

Police prosecutor Amanda Brewer asked the court to consider the impact that Whisker’s messages had had on the victims.

‘The victims talk of the strain on their emotional wellbeing and the way that affected them conducting their business due to the content of the messages,’ Sergeant Brewer said.

Robyn Stacee Whisker had called the owner of her husband’s former workplace an ‘insignificant maggot’, Maroochydore Magistrates Court was told on Thursday 

Whisker’s solicitor, Natasha Shorter told court that her client had an ‘unblemished character’ prior to the stalking offences, adding that she was remorseful.

Whisler wrote apology letter to her victims and told them that she was ashamed of her nastiness, according to court documents.

The text messages were sent following  litigation proceedings between Define Property Agents and Mr Whisker in 2022.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan said to the court that he understood and accepted that Whisker was ‘under some of sort of deep stress’ due to the litigation.

Stalking had caused  ‘great detriment’ to the victims, he said, and was ‘disgraceful behaviour’.

The magistrate said that the texts Robyn Whisker had sent to her husband’s former colleagues had caused them a ‘great detriment’ and that it was ‘disgraceful behaviour’

The magistrate sentenced Whisker to 18 months probation.

No conviction was recorded.

After the court appearance, Mr Cattle said messages Ms Whisker sent to his wife Angela were ‘so horrific you can’t repeat them’.

‘My wife hasn’t recovered, she struggles everyday and she’s not the same person she was prior,’ he  told the publication.

‘Those that know Angela would say she’s the most caring person with the biggest heart, always there for others, she’s the last person who deserved something like this.’

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