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A mum has recalled her shock of getting a parking fine for exceeding the time limit by mere minutes while she was in labour.

The $120 fine was addressed to Greg Earl, who had driven his wife Carly to a Sydney hospital to give birth to their daughter Hazel. 

After contesting the fine the Marrickville couple got a letter back from Revenue NSW which told them the fine was not negotiable. 

‘We figured it was laughable. We thought there was absolutely no way that a contested fine around someone going through labour was ever going to be rejected,’ Carly told 9News

 ‘There is no person on the face of the planet nI could imagine their partner excusing themsemselves to go and move their car during that situation.’

Carly (pictured) and her husband Greg, from Marrickville in Sydney, were handed a $120 fine for exceeding their parking space time limit while Carly was giving birth 

The couple got a rude shock when they received the fine in the mail weeks after Ms Earl had given birth.

They asked for the fine to be waived but the plea fell on deaf ears.

‘We acknowledge your comments that your wife had been in labour and you had been unable to leave to pay for additional parking, however we are unable to cancel the fine,’ Revenue NSW told them.

At the exact moment the fine was written by the inspector, Ms Earl says that she was either in the late stages of labour or had just given birth. 

‘There is no person on the face of the planet who could imagine their partner excusing themselves to go and move their car during that situation,’ she said. 

Weeks after settling their new daughter Hazel (pictured) at home, they got a letter from Revenue NSW which notified them of the fine 

The couple has since received a voicemail from Revenue NSW apologising for saga and that the fee would be waived. 

While the drama around the fine unfolded, Hazel has become settled in her new home. 

Despite a few scary moments in the hospital when her heart beat dipped, Carly said the newborn is now doing fine. 

‘There were a few moments that were a bit scary, her heart rate dropped, there are certain elements of the labour that are unpredictable.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Revenue NSW for comment.  

Greg (pictured with his two daughters) was shocked to be fined while he was in the hospital  delivery room for the birth of baby Hazel

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