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A high-profile Australian man facing a rape charge in Toowoomba will not be named next week, despite a change in the law.

A change to Queensland laws governing sexual assault offences will come into effect next Tuesday, October 3. 

The legal tweak will allow some people who are accused of sexual offences to be named.

A high profile man will not be named for legal reasons – despite a change in the law

Currently, those accused of such offences in the Queensland court system can only be identified after they have been committed to stand trial. 

Media outlets have been gearing up to reveal the name of one such accused man whose case is in front of Toowoomba local court, and who has not been committed. 

However, the high-profile man has applied for such an interim order prohibiting publication of his name.

The Queensland Supreme Court ruled on Friday that it would take some time for a non-publication order of his identity to be considered on its merits. 

Until such an order is determined by a court, the man’s identity cannot be published.

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