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A woman bare from the waist down waited in line at a Florida airport, catching attention of one appalled stranger who filmed a reaction – complete with spirited commentary.

On September 28, a video was uploaded to the Reddit community r/PublicFreakout, which is ‘dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public.’

It appears to have been shot at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport by the Spirit Airlines counter in Terminal 4. 

The clip was captioned simply: ‘When you pack extra light.’

It depicts a woman wearing an orange halter neck dress that appears to have ridden up her backside.

With a hand placed atop her luggage, the woman stares straight ahead, impervious to the eagle-eyed stranger filming her.

A video was uploaded to Reddit showing a woman naked from the waist down as she waited in the at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

While other people didn’t seem to notice the nudity, one woman began filming and added her own bewildered commentary

Cackling, the camerawoman filmed the oblivious stranger as she moved up the line and out of sight. ‘Spirit, you gonna let this happen?’ she said

‘Only in the f*****g airport, Spirit Airlines,’ the camerawoman says in the same tone as a disapproving parent.

‘This b***h half-naked. Motherf**k, what is this going on in 2023.’

She continues: ‘Lord give me strength, I say no drawers, no f*****g drawers y’all, what is this, no drawers.

‘I wonder if Spirit gonna let this happen today,’ she says, directing her tirade at the airline. ‘Spirit, you gonna let this happen?

‘This ain’t right.’

Cackling, she continues to film the offending stranger as the woman moves up in line and out of sight, obscured by man behind her – who is too distracted by his phone to notice.

It is unclear when the video was filmed or what flight the woman was getting on. All that can be inferred is time of day, as sunlight filters down through the skylight overhead.

People in the comments had plenty to say. 

‘A person who thinks its OK to do this on a public plane is mentally unstable. And mentally unstable people shouldn’t be allowed on a plane,’ one person remarked.

Several people rejected the notion that the woman in the video was naked, arguing that she was wearing leggings close to her own skin color.

‘Has to be skin colored leggings,’ one incredulous netizen wrote. ‘It’s a tiny bit darker half way up the thigh. There’s no way people would be so relaxed around a woman half naked.’

The video appears to have been shot in Terminal 4 of FLL, which Spirit Airlines uses both for arrivals and departures 

The air carrier company agreed last month to pay up to $8.25million in a class action settlement over sneaky bag fees

FLL and Spirit had yet to respond to requests for comment as of Thursday

But it could be worse – last Monday, a man was spotted walking completely naked through the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. He was taken into custody by airport police.

While the company is not responsible for the nude passenger, Spirit seems to have cemented its reputation as an airline riddled with problems.

In August, the airline agreed to pay up to $8.25million to settle a class action lawsuit by passengers over sneaky bag fees of up to $100. 

Two months prior, the airline experienced a computer meltdown lasting more than three hours and delaying hundreds of flights across the United States.

It is unclear if the woman was told to cover up, or if the issue was raised to airport security. 

Dailymail.com reached out to Spirit Airlines and FLL for comment.

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