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House representatives are voting to avert a government shutdown less than 12 hours before a deadline.

Saturday’s stopgap measure tabled by Republicans to keep the government funded effectively kicks the can down the road by delaying a shutdown for at least 45 days.

A vote on the proposal is ongoing, with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, leading Saturday’s plans to avert a shutdown. 

It came as a surprise to many lawmakers, who were deep into discussions about how to mitigate the effects of a shutdown.  

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy arrives at Capitol Hill on Saturday ahead of an 11th-hour vote to try and avert a government shutdown

McCarthy’s bill needs two thirds of House members to pass it, meaning Republicans will require help from Democrat colleagues to get it passed. 

The proposal will be voted on by the Democrat-majority Senate later today. 

If it fails to achieve a majority of votes, the government will shut down at midnight tonight. 

The House Speaker’s change of heart means he now risks being booted from his job by other Republicans. 

As fears mount over the shutdown, President Biden readied to convene his cabinet next week to discuss how the government will function. 

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