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A decorated U.S. Army veteran is asking Governor Greg Abbott to reduce his 62-year sentence for murdering his high school sweetheart’s husband – insisting that she lied to him about being violently abused, and saying he believed he had saved her life.

Darrin Lopez, 51, was convicted in July of shooting dead Jamie Faith, 49.

Lopez, who was divorced, was lonely during the pandemic at his farm outside Nashville, and reached out to his former high school sweetheart, Jennifer, via LinkedIn.

They began communicating regularly, and Lopez said he fell back in love with her.

Jennifer, a speech therapist, and her husband, an IT director with American Airlines, had been together for 15 years, and had a teenage daughter.

Lopez insists he never intended to break them up, but Jennifer ‘confessed’ that her husband was violent and extremely abusive, and sent Lopez emails of her injuries.

It later turned out she had staged them – lies which Assistant U.S. Attorney Rick Calvert of Texas‘ Northern District called ‘some of the most sadistic things you can possibly dream up.’

Darrin Lopez, 51, was sentenced to 62 years in prison for shooting dead Jamie Faith in October 2020. He is seeking to have his sentence reduced, insisting he believed he was acting to save Jennifer Faith’s life

Jennifer and Jamie Faith were married for 15 years and had a teenage daughter. She was a speech therapist and he worked in IT for American Airlines

Lopez was convinced by Jennifer to drive to their Dallas home, and shoot Jamie, 49, dead on October 9, 2020, while he and Jennifer were walking their dog.

Ring doorbell camera footage shows Jamie and Jennifer Faith leaving the house together for the last time.

Speaking from inside prison, Lopez told NBC Dateline that he thought he was acting to save Jennifer.

‘Was it hard to pull the trigger?’ asks host Josh Mankiewicz.

Lopez, who retired from the Army after six deployments to Iraq, having won a Purple Heart and a bronze star, and suffered a traumatic brain injury, replied: ‘Well, yes. I mean, it wasn’t like on a mission in the military.

‘But I was on the same type of mindset with it.

‘I was doing what I had to do to protect Jennifer.’

Emails between Jennifer Faith and Lopez, obtained by NBC News, showed that Lopez wanted to report Jennifer’s allegations of abuse to Jamie’s employer, American Airlines.

He also tried to get her to go to the police.

But she refused, saying she did not want their daughter to lose her father, and reporting him would make the abuse worse.

‘She also told me that she would say nothing’s happening,’ said Lopez.

‘She would deny everything to the police.’

Jennifer Faith and Darrin Lopez are pictured at their high school prom

Jennifer Faith is seen being interviewed by Dallas police

The married couple’s house, outside which James Faith was gunned down on October 9, 2020

Ring doorbell camera footage shows Jamie and Jennifer leaving their home with their dog

Shortly after leaving the house, Jamie Faith would be gunned down by Lopez

Lopez said that Jennifer told him Jamie had found out about their conversations on email and by phone, and he had flown into a jealous, violent rage.

Lopez received text messages, he said, which appeared to be from Jamie threatening to sexually assault his wife, and even drown her.

The text messages prompted him to drive 10 hours from Nashville to Dallas.

‘If I didn’t do something, she was going to die,’ said Lopez.

‘I made that commitment right there.’

Lopez shot three bullets into Jamie’s head, then tried to make it look like a robbery by taking Jamie’s wedding ring, punching Jennifer and binding her hands.

Lopez then fled the scene in his pickup and drove back home.

Jennifer, meanwhile, begged for answers as to who had killed her husband, and insisted the gunman approached from behind and she had no idea.

Lopez was arrested in January 2021, and Jennifer Faith a month later.

Jennifer Faith is seen in her mugshot when she was arrested in February 2021

Lopez’s lawyer, Juan Sanchez, said it took him six months to convince Lopez that Jennifer had fabricated the allegations.

Lopez said he was devastated to learn of her lies.

‘When I got arrested, I went to jail truly believing I saved Jennifer’ and her daughter, he told ‘Dateline.’

‘That thought never registered in my mind that she could use me this way. I believe she loved me.’

Lopez apologized to their teenage daughter, and said he could never forgive himself for killing Jamie.

But he worked with prosecutors to ‘put her away,’ he said.

In February 2022, Jennifer Faith pleaded guilty, and was later sentenced to life in prison.

Lopez believes that his work helping prosecutors convict her was not adequately understood at his sentencing.

And he said he was used as her tool to get rid of her husband.

‘I became her weapon,’ he said. ‘I understand that.

‘The true criminal is in jail for life. I helped put her there.’

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