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Suzanne Morphew’s remains were found in a Colorado body dumping ground known as ‘The Boneyard’ where investigators found a 26-year-old aspiring Marine in July and are continuing their search for a missing 55-year-old woman.

Corinna Montoya, whose son James Montoya vanished the day before he was scheduled to meet with Marine recruiters, told DailyMail.com Friday that she visited the site herself and felt the eerie isolation after her son’s body was discovered in a remote section of sparsely populated Saguache County.

‘It’s just so crazy that it’s all happening in that same area,’ said the mom, 56. 

‘They’re calling it The Boneyard because so many people are being located there, and it’s such a secluded area. 

‘To see where my son was, indeed, there’s no cars around. You can be in that one area for hours and not see anyone.’

The body of missing mom Suzanne Morphew, pictured with husband Barry, was found in Moffat, Colorado on September 22, three years after she disappeared 

Morphew’s remains were found in the same remote dumping ground known as ‘the boneyard’ where the body of aspiring Marine James Montoya, 26, (left) was discovered in July during a search for missing 55-year-old Edna Quintana

Her son vanished on April 2. The mother told DailyMail.com that James had taken an Uber to a bar that night in Lakewood in the Denver area, where he met and later left with two men. 

His live-in girlfriend, noticing he hadn’t returned at dawn, reported him missing, the mom said.

‘They probably were going to hang out, or maybe they were going to give him a ride home,’ Montoya said.

She suspects she knows the individuals may have been involved in her son’s disappearance but did not want to discuss specifics because the investigation remains open.

She said her son ‘loved to laugh and was very family oriented’.

He installed kitchen cabinets for a subsidiary of Home Depot, after doing work erecting cell phone towers.

‘He had an appointment the next day with the Marines,’ she said. ‘That was his lifelong dream to join Marines. 

‘He just felt like you get respect when you’re a Marine and have the chance to fight to defend this country.’

His body was found in July in the foothills west of Saguache Peak off County Road 46AA, Colorado radio station KRDO reported.

Investigators at the time had been pursuing an unrelated search for Edna Quintana, a 55-year-old with known medical complications who was last seen in the area on May 3.

But during the search for Quintana, investigators on September 22 instead found Suzanne Morphew’s remains scattered in a shallow grave in a remote field near Moffat in Saguache County, 50 minutes from her home in Salida.

The 49-year-old had last been seen on May 10, 2020, setting out for a bike ride from the home she shared with husband Barry and their two daughters. 

Her bike was found the day she went missing, discarded in a ravine near her mountain home.

Baryr and Suzanne Morphew had both had affairs, and she had texted him that she was ‘done’ with their marriage days before she vanished.

Barry was arrested a year after her disappearance and charged with her murder – despite no body being found at the time. 

At a preliminary hearing in 2021, law enforcement officials presented to the court Suzanne’s text message exchanges with her lover, in which she told him she had a fine night and was looking at houses for sale.

Bary Morphew was charged with his wife’s murder but the case was dropped withoout prejudice – meaning it can be reopened 

Barry Morphew arrived at court in Salida, Colorado, in November 2021, flanked by his daughters Macy (left) and Malorie

When her husband came home from work that day, he found Suzanne sunbathing in the yard. She was sending pictures of herself to Libler via LinkedIn, which the couple had been using to communicate behind her husband’s back.

The court was then shown a photo of Suzanne that she had sent to her lover Jeff Libler that day, which depicted her laying on her front in a bikini and smiling at her $1.3million home.

Barry would later tell investigators his wife looked ‘drunk’ in that photo, which officials said was Suzanne’s last proof of life.

The following day, Libler wished Suzanne Happy Mother’s Day and said he knew it would be a hard day for her because she missed her mother. Suzanne never replied.

His last known text to Suzanne was sent on May 11, 2020, in which he offered her well wishes for her cancer treatment. That message also went unanswered.

Suzanne had survived two battles with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, decades apart.

Just days before her disappearance, Suzanne texted her husband and apparently signaled to him her intention to end their rocky marriage.

‘I’m done,’ Suzanne wrote to Barry on May 6. ‘I couldn’t care less what you’re up to and have been for years. We just need to figure this out civilly.’

After arguments about the evidence and procedures, charges against Barry were dropped a year later without prejudice – meaning he could be charged again if new evidence came to light.

No arrests have been made since Morphew’s remains were located.

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