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A prosecutor working to investigate Hunter Biden‘s tax affairs flagged multiple potential violations of the Mann Act – which forbids trafficking of people across state lines for sex.

Jack Morgan, a prosecutor with the tax division of the Justice Department, emailed the Assistant US Attorney for Delaware, Lesley Wolf, to raise his concerns. Wolf spent five years investigating Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

Morgan’s email was obtained by a whistleblower within the IRS, Joseph Ziegler, who has testified in Congress that the government worked to slow down the investigation into Joe Biden‘s 52-year-old son.

Ziegler provided the emails between Morgan and Wolf to the House Ways and Means Committee, which is one of several looking into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and the Committee published the emails on Wednesday.

Hunter Biden is seen visiting his lawyer in Pacific Palisades, California this week

A prosecutor within the Justice Department’s tax division asked said in emails that there was potential violations of the Mann Act – which forbids prostitution across state lines 

Morgan, in his emails, referred to Hunter Biden by the initials SM.

‘Lesley: Attached are some, but not all, of the relevant documents related to SM and solicitation,’ he wrote.

‘I summarize the contents below. The highlighted records are those that are most probative for Mann Act purposes.’

Morgan’s email, The New York Post reported, pointed to two cases where ‘likely’ escorts traveled from Los Angeles and New York to meet with Hunter in Boston.

A third case, involving a woman who ‘self identifies as a ‘hooker’, showed that she too may have crossed state lines, traveling from New Jersey to New York to see him.

Morgan also pointed to messages Hunter Biden sent to sex traffickers, who were referred to in Morgan’s email to Wolf as ‘Trafficker #1’ and ‘Trafficker #2’.

Joseph Ziegler, an IRS whistleblower, has claimed that he saw the tax office slow-walking an investigation into Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden has been open about his wild years of drugs and prostitution while in the throes of a crack addiction

Morgan said he had suspicion about more women crossing state lines, but was unable to confirm it.

‘Text chain suggests that she traveled to Delaware and that SM paid money to her,’ Morgan wrote.

‘In other texts, however, she states, ‘I’m not some hooker or escort.’

Ziegler, in his June 1 testimony before Congress, declared: ‘There were some flying people across state lines, paying for their travel, paying for their hotels. They were what we call Mann Act violations.’

Ziegler told Congress that he did not know whether Wolf decided to further investigate Morgan’s references.

‘I know that they were compiling them together,’ he said.

‘I don’t know what they ended up doing with them. I know there was an effort at some point to compile them, but I don’t know what ultimately happened with them.’

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