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A Florida moviegoer was brutally beaten after he was attacked by a man who was sitting in seats he had already reserved. 

Jesse Montez Thorton II, 27, was allegedly seen violently attacking 63-year-old Marc Cohen at the AMC theater in Pompano Beach, Florida in a brutal attack that was all caught on another customer’s cellphone. 

Cohen was about to see a film along with his wife when he saw another couple sitting in their pre-assigned seats on July 10.

After asking them politely to move, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office say that Thorton suddenly became ‘hostile’ to Cohen’s simple request.

The footage sees Thorton standing up and deliberately getting up in Cohen’s face. 

A Florida moviegoer was brutally attacked after asking a couple who were in his assigned seats to move

Marc Cohen, 63, lost his balance and tumbled own the stairs after the person he asked to move got up in his face

Once Cohen was on the ground, he was allegedly pummeled bu Thorton

Jesse Montez Thorton II, 27, allegedly brutally attacked Marc Cohen, 63, over seats that Cohen had already reserved at a Florida movie theater in July

Cohen then lost his balance right on the aisle steps of the theater.

But Thorton wasn’t finished as he then began punching Cohen several times in the face.

Shocked theatergoers ran down the steps to Cohen’s aide and attempted to separate the two men. 

Thorton didn’t hang around and moments later he was seen fleeing the scene along with his date. 

Surveillance camera footage from the theater sees him hurriedly heading for the exits along with his female companion. 

Thorton didn’t hang around and moments later he was seen fleeing the scene along with his date

Theater surveillance footage managed t capture clear photos images of Thorton and his date

‘I just don’t understand people, how they act that way — there’s no civility anymore,’ Coehn told Local 10 after the incident.

Cohen said he simply told Thorton, ‘Excuse me, you guys are in our seats.’

‘He said, ‘Go run to your wife, little boy.’ I said, ‘You’re the little boy for acting this way,” Cohen recalled.

‘I was on the stairs and he just kept pounding away at my head, and I couldn’t get him off of me to do that,’ he said. 

‘He jumped up, he wanted to fight me, he backed me up, I fell over the stairs and as soon as I fell down the stairs, it was like a boxer being against the ropes, this guy just went to town on me,’ Cohen told NBC 6. 

Thorton was able to remain at large for the last two months, but police managed to track him down on Thursday after receiving an anonymous tip, later arresting him in Fort Lauderdale. 

Thorton faces one count of aggravated battery with great bodily harm and is in jail in lieu of a $250,000 bond in what has been described by police as a ‘callous’ assault.

Thorton was seen with a bloodied and battered forehead with his hair drenched in blood

Cohen was also seen with a massive bump on his head following his fall 

He was also left with his shirt and hands covered in his own blood 

Cohen was left with a bloodied head and face. Photos taken shortly after the attack show him with a massive bump on his bruised and battered forehead while his shirt was left covered in blood.  

He was later taken to hospital for treatment. 

‘Broward County Sheriff’s Office detectives worked this case for months,’ Claudinne Caro said. 

‘The video and information about this callous attack received national and international media attention and generated leads, including an anonymous tip through Broward Crime Stoppers.’

Source: | This article originally belongs to Dailymail.co.uk

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