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As the softness of youth fades, it seems celebrities and royals alike are instead relying on a hard-won gym look to display their ‘wealth and health’.

Ripped arms are the best way to do this without ‘revealing too much’, according to fitness experts, who have told FEMAIL how muscular biceps and triceps are the ‘new status symbol for successful women everywhere’.

This was aptly demonstrated by British popstar-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham this week, who looked in her best form yet as she announced her new fragrance collection with a stunning photo.

The mother-of-four, 49, posed in a black lace bra with a veil over her face, while showing off her muscular look with a crossed-arms pose. 

She’s far from alone in showing off her enviable biceps. The 41-year-old Princess of Wales‘ perfectly toned arms are often admired, while Queen Letizia of Spain, 51, displayed her very taut upper physique in a sleeveless turquoise gown on Monday, in Madrid. 

British popstar-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham looked in her best form yet as she announced her new fragrance collection with a stunning photo 

Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, 54, Jennifer Garner, 51, Angela Bassett, 65, and Kylie Minogue, 55, also appear keen to showcase their impressive biceps and triceps when on the red carpet.

Petrina Barber, a fitness model and campaigner, said: ‘Toned and muscular arms are the new status symbol for successful women everywhere. 

‘Flashing your abs is not appropriate in everyday situations, especially for formal occasions, therefore the new way of showing off the fruits of your labour in the gym is by focusing on the arms. It’s become the ultimate status of health and wealth.

She added: ‘As women mature our arms can lose definition and muscle mass which can be a giveaway to our age. Therefore triceps and bicep work has become essential to women wanting to retain and exude a youthful appearance. 

‘It’s becoming the new beauty standard and ultimately the number one fashion accessory.’

‘They signify strength and discipline without necessarily revealing too much, unlike abs which require a specific type of clothing to be showcased,’ explained founder of KMAK Fitness, Kunal Makwana.

‘As society leans more towards embracing fitness not just as a physical endeavour but as a lifestyle, showcasing toned arms is a subtle yet powerful way to communicate one’s commitment to health and well-being.’

Personal trainer Sam Shaw, whose clients include Tess Daly and Jo Froggatt, suggested that arms are ‘definitely having a moment’.

Queen Letizia of Spain, 51, showed off her incredibly toned arms as she stepped out at an award ceremony in Madrid on Monday

The 41-year-old Princess of Wales’ (pictured) perfectly toned arms are often admired

Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston , 54, Jennifer Garner (pictured), 51, Angela Bassett , 65, and Kylie Minogue , 55, also appear keen to showcase their impressive biceps and triceps when on the red carpet

Jennifer Aniston at the Murder Mystery 2 film premiere in Los Angeles, California

He added: ‘When strength training, arm muscle definition tends to come quicker and be slightly easier to achieve than toned abs or legs – so it’s a nice body part to display as a badge of your workout honour.’

Victoria, for instance, clearly trains hard to achieve her sculpted look, with the help of her current personal trainer and British Judo champion, Bobby Rich. 

She often posts work out videos on her social media platforms, which sometimes include her hunky husband David Beckham, 48, at their west London home.

Meanwhile, Queen Letizia is known to follow a strict diet and exercise routine, which includes cardio workouts and specialist Iyengar yoga. 

All this comes on top of royal duties with husband King Felipe VI, 55, and caring for daughters Princess Leonor, 17, and Princess Sofia, 15.

After getting up at 7am, Letizia is known to start the day with her special type of yoga, which has emphasis on precision and alignment and sees poses held for longer than average to help build strength and tone muscles.  

This form of yoga is not only thought beneficial for those wanting to lose weight but also offers a range of benefits to the nervous system, the immune system and sleep quality.

It has also been reported that the royal enjoys cardio workouts and frequently goes on runs or strolls through the gardens of Zarzuela Palace in Madrid. 

Working hard: Victoria often posts work out videos on her social media platforms, which sometimes include her hunky husband David, 48, at their west London home (stock image)

Queen Letizia of Spain was elegant as she presented the Retina Eco’ award at the Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation in Madrid

A former worker at the palace told The Express: ‘She is extra disciplined with her sports routines. She is an early riser and gets up around 7am.

‘[She] usually takes advantage of that first hour to do some running through the Zarzuela gardens. The queen also has a personal trainer who comes to the Palace every morning.

‘She trains in the family’s private gym, and she does weight exercises, some cardio and boxing.’

For her diet, Letizia is said to combine the best of the Mediterranean foods with elements of the Perricone Diet.

When the Queen was named a Special Ambassador for Nutrition by the UN in 2015, she said she would use her role to highlight the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, calling it ‘the best example of healthy and sustainable eating‘.

The Perricone Diet, named after Dr Nicholas Perricone, focuses on anti-inflammatory foods that are said to encourage inner health and wellness, including salmon, lean proteins, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy oils.

It is thought to be one of the healthiest in the world, focusing on long-term well-being and also boasts anti-ageing properties and multiple benefits for the skin.

Additionally, Letizia avoids sugar and never eats ready meals, frozen food or pizza. As for drinks, the queen avoids coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol at all costs – which can be quite difficult when giving toasts at royal engagements. 

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