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More than 30 sheep have been torn apart in a ‘horrific’ attack, after a pair of dogs wreaked havoc in Warwickshire. 

Shocking footage has revealed the aftermath of a bloodbath near Stretton on Dunsmore, as two pets escaped from a garden before slaughtering a farmer’s ewes. 

The owner of the dogs, which were Akita and Malinois breeds, failed to capture their pets at the time and made no attempt to alarm nearby farmers or authorities.

Warwickshire Rural Crime Team has since described the incident as ‘absolute carnage’ and claim it’s the ‘worst single attack’ on sheep they’ve ever had to deal with. 

‘Over 30 ewes were killed during the night of 19th February 2023 after two dogs escaped from a nearby garden,’ officers wrote.

Footage shows the aftermath of a fatal sheep attack in Stretton on Dunsmore

‘The owner failed to capture the dogs and made no attempt to alert nearby farmers or authorities.

‘Each year, we regrettably receive multiple reports of dog vs. sheep incidents, but this is by far the worst single attack our team has had to deal with.’

The following morning, a farmer and shepherd managed to capture one of the dogs before it could attack the rest of the flock. 

It’s understood that the second dog eventually made its own way home. 

‘A dog control order was immediately issued to the owner to protect both the public and other animals,’ the team continued.

‘It was the farmer’s wishes that the matter be formally dealt with through a Community Resolution (out-of-court procedure).’

After the attack, the dog owner paid £3,300 to the farmer and voluntarily destroyed the Malinois.

They agreed that their Akita dog would never be left outside unattended and the security of their nearby property would also be heightened. 

Warwickshire Rural Crime Team say it’s the ‘worst single attack’ they’ve seen

The footage comes amidst a spate of dog attacks across the country, with the XL Bully breed set to be banned in the UK by the end of this year. 

While there are currently just four banned dog breeds in the UK, Petwise claims that Belgian Malinois may well be next due to their inclination to bite things. 

‘This breed has strong herding and guarding instincts and is inclined to chase and bite things,’ experts say.

‘Owners of this breed need to provide training on a regular basis. Without it, dogs can become anxious and attack their owners or other people they come into contact with.

‘We’re already seeing an increase in the number of Belgian Malinois needing to be rehomed because their owners are not able to look after them properly.’

The Warwickshire team also added: ‘Please, if you walk your dog near livestock, keep them on a lead. If you live in an area where livestock graze, make every effort you can to secure your garden.’

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