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Michael Gove has vowed to ban councils from adopting a four-day week and has threatened budget cuts for slacking services, as he brands Keir Starmer as ‘spineless and condescending’. 

Ahead of the start of the Conservatives annual conference in Manchester tomorrow, Mr Gove said he is looking to change the law to prevent ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘slacking’ at local authorities.

He added that working from home during the pandemic was important but it shouldn’t mean a lifestyle shift. 

‘People who pay council tax work five days a week or longer. They deserve 100 per cent of the service, not 80 per cent. The idea that everyone should be slacking in this way at the expense of hard-working taxpayers is completely wrong,’ he said. 

According to Gove, councils such as Lib-Dem-run South Cambridgeshire and Labour-run Norwich could face budget cuts if they decide to adopt a four-day week. 

During the interview with The Sun, Mr Gove also insisted Mr Sunak could defy experts and lead the Tories to a victory in the next election and said if Tony Blair was a steak, Starmer is ‘quorn mush’. 

Michael Gove has vowed to ban councils from adopting a four-day week and has threatened budget cuts for slacking services

Mr Gove backed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s decision to put the brakes on some net zero targets, he said: ‘The critical thing is balance.’ And added that it would have been a mistake to ditch the overall 2050 target. 

The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities said the Labour leader had ‘put virtue signalling ahead of getting people onto the housing ladder’ by supporting the eco-laws which Mr Sunak is expected to delay.  

‘He’s transparent, spineless and moved by any tide that comes along,’ Mr Gove said. 

Mr Gove said a lack of house building leaves hard-working nurses, police officers and teachers unable to get on the property ladder. He also suggested a new foreign property tax should be introduced, to curb wealthy foreign speculators buying up British homes. 

He said: ‘We need to consider what the right way is of making sure that people who are not British citizens pay a fair whack for the right to have a property here.’ 

He added that Britain should put their own people first, much like Canada and Singapore have done.  

While some are predicting a similar succes to Tony Blair’s new Labour for Starmer, Mr Gove is redicting a 25 seat majority for the Conservative in the next general election.

He said: ‘Keir Starmer is the zero alcohol beer compared to Blair’s Moretti . . . bland, flabby.

Mr Gove described Labour leader Keir Starmer as ‘quorn mush’ and predicted the Conservatives would achieve a 25 seat majority in the next general election 

‘There are some politicians who are accused of being all sizzle no steak. Blair was definitely steak. And Keir is just quorn mush.’

Mr Gove also touches on lockdown and school closures in the interview and blames the restrictions for the rise in anti-social behaviour and knife crime in teens. 

His comments follow the tragic death of Elianne Andam, 15, who was stabbed to on her way to school in Croydon, South London this week. 

He said: ‘Post-lockdown, we have seen more children, particularly teenagers, not in school. Truancy and persistent absence overwhelmingly leads to anti-social behaviour, the lure of gang life, county lines and other criminal activity.’

When asked if it was a mistake to close schools, he said: ‘I worry about that a lot.

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