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A Kiwi who was keen to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary on a Fijian cruise has been left permanently half-blind after a horror boating incident.

Karain Eketone, 42, was five days into his 13-day P&O cruise with his wife, Susan, when the boat docked at Dravuni Island, a small paradise between the mainland’s south coast and Kadavu Island.

The couple spent the day of July 22 exploring the island and decided to go snorkelling, an activity outside of P&O’s itinerary.

However, disaster soon struck when a local offering $10 boat rides ran over the top of Mr Eketone, severely injuring him.

Karain Eketone (pictured with wife, Susan) spent more than a month hospitalised after a boat ran over him

The couple were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on a cruise and went snorkelling on Dravuni Island, when Mr Eketone was hit by the boat (pictured, Mr and Mrs Eketone in hospital)

‘The propeller went through my skull and fractured it in three places, my brain was exposed for over 40 hours,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I must have raised my arms to protect my head because the propeller severed my ulnar artery in my right wrist and went through both of my hands. 

‘I sustained severe brain injury and permanently lost over 50 per cent of my eyesight as a result.’

Mr Eketone was rushed back to the ship and airlifted to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva, on the mainland, before he was medi-vaced to Auckland.

His heart stopped three times during the flight to New Zealand. 

‘My wife was told I would not survive my injuries several times by multiple doctors and surgeons,’ he said.

‘My neurosurgical report by the surgeon who operated on me in New Zealand said, “High possibility of mortality”.’

Mr Eketone (above) was left with a severe brain injury and his skull fractured in three places

Mr Eketone (pictured with wife, Susan) also suffered serious injuries to his arms after the propeller severed the ulnar artery in his right wrist and cut both his hands

Mr Eketone spent four weeks hospitalised in Auckland undergoing brain rehabilitation before finally travelling home to nearby Hamilton.

Now, more than two months after the boat hit him, he’s still regularly receiving occupational therapy for his hand and speech as well as physiotherapy.

‘I was recently told by my ophthalmologist that my vision loss is permanent and nothing can be done to restore it,’ he said.

‘I will never be able to drive again and can no longer work in my profession as an electrician.’

While travel insurance covered a chunk of the couple’s medical expenses, Mr and Mrs Eketone are still facing a massive medical bill.

Their friend has created a Give a Little fundraiser to help cover the costs and assist Mr Eketone as he adjusts to his injuries.

Mr Eketone has been left half-blind from the incident and can no longer work as an electrician (pictured, Mr Eketone’s head during recovery)

Mr Eketone (pictured with wife, Susan) spent four weeks in Auckland undergoing brain rehabilitation after being medi-vaced from Fiji

A P&O spokeswoman said staff were glad to hear Mr Eketone is recovering well.

‘We are grateful Mr Eketone is still here after a horrific accident during his visit to shore,’ she said.

‘We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our highly experienced medical team and continue to offer support to the family.’

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