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A teenage boy has spent more than 18 hours in surgery to try and save his hand after he was ambushed in a terrifying machete attack outside his home as his mother gave an harrowing update.

Shocked neighbours rushed to his aid after the boy, 14, was found bleeding on the ground outside his unit block following an altercation with a group of males on Sutton Street in North Melbourne late Friday night.

His alleged attackers remain on the run. 

His mother was minutes from home when she got the call that he had been attacked.

His hand was almost detached when she was reunited with her son in the ambulance shortly afterwards.

A mother (pictured) recalled the moment she got a call from her 14-year-old son that he’d just been attacked with a machete

‘I saw him sitting in the ambulance and (his hand) was almost detached from his arm,’ the woman told 7News

‘There was blood everywhere.’

The boy was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

It is not yet known whether doctors will be able to save his hand or if the damage is too catastrophic to repair. 

Doctors have told the boy and his mother that even if his hand can be saved, he still has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

‘I couldn’t imagine how he’s going to feel when he wakes up,’ his mother told reporters. 

‘He’s going to have to adapt to all these new ways of doing things that he used to do so easily, something as innocent as playing a Playstation.’ 

Her son was set to start at a new school on Monday which will have to be postponed as he recovers in hospital. 

Forensic investigators and SES crews scoured the public housing block for clues on Saturday

It’s understood the boy was with a friend when they allegedly had a disagreement with another group of males, one of whom pulled out a machete and attacked him before the group fled the scene. 

His mother has pleaded for calm. 

‘He called me and he said, ‘Mum I’m downstairs in an ambulance and my hand has been cut off’,’ she recalled. 

‘I feel numb in my heart… If he’s not a seperate part of me, he’s a part of me.’

‘Now he’s in hospital, for what? For some kids who thought they were cool for a second, who thought they were part of a gang.’

‘Nobody deserves this.’ 

‘What kid carries a machete? I wouldn’t even know where to get one.’

The entrance of the North Melbourne unit complex remained cordoned off on Saturday 

Forensic experts spent Saturday scouring for clues outside the public housing unit block looking for clues with the help of SES officers. 

A trail of blood was left for metres which retraced the boy’s footsteps.

The boy’s alleged attackers remain on the run as detectives continue their investigations.

Anyone who witnessed the attack or has information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

The incident is the latest in a youth crime surge across Victoria.

Data released in June revealed crime committed by young people aged 10-14 had risen by 44.6 per cent in the previous 12 months.

A trail of blood showed the path the boy had taken while he was searching for help 

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