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NSW retail stores could soon open all day on Anzac Day after the state government announced a review into trading laws.

Under the current Retail Trading Act 2008, traders such as supermarkets, fashion stores and other retailers can’t open their doors on Anzac Day each year until 1pm in the afternoon.

Pharmacies, petrol stations, markets, cafes and takeaway restaurants are exempt from the rule.

The state Labor government has set up a review of retail trading laws on April 25 and is seeking to hear the views of the community and stakeholders on whether restrictions should be relaxed.

Shopping precincts such as Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall (pictured) could soon be able to trade for longer on Anzac Day each year

The NSW government seeks feedback on current Anzac Day trading restrictions for retailers. Pictured in the Anzac March in Sydney earlier this year


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Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I, in Gallipoli in 1915.

The day is marked by a number of traditions, including dawn and sunset services, veteran marches, and wreath-laying ceremonies.

Trading restrictions were enforced to allow workers and business operators to participate in commemorative and community events and pay their own respects.

After recent debate about whether Anzac Day is being appropriately recognised, Industrial Relations Minister Sophie Cotsis is seeking to hear from businesses, unions and RSLs about how they feel towards the change.

‘We want to hear whether retail workers and other parties would appreciate a greater opportunity to commemorate Anzac Day in NSW,’ she said.

The regulations differ amongst other jurisdictions, with retailers open from early afternoon in some states, and closed all day in other states, while there are no restrictions in both territories.

Most retailers  such as those in Pitt Street Mall can’t open until 1pm on Anazac Day each year

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