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A man who claimed he ‘is not a person’ told police he didn’t need a licence, vehicle registration or insurance because he’s not ‘in a contract’ with the government.

The man was pulled over for a random breath test while riding a motorbike in a video posted on Friday.

Initially, the officer was calm and asked for the man’s licence but the driver repeatedly shot back, ‘I do not wish to contract with you today’.

‘I’m travelling in my private capacity today. Officer, I’m a man, a living man,’ the driver said.

The man then handed the officer a pile of documents, urging the constable to read them and reciting a speech giving the officer a ‘notice’.

‘I must serve you a notice on the record,’ he told the policeman.

‘I, a living man, hereby serve notice that if you do not now provide me with articulable, probable cause that I am a party to a crime against a potential or actual living victim, you agree that in fact you do not have a standing in this matter.

‘You are liable in your private, accepting your full commercial liability under penalty of perjury for any false claims against me and the resulting damages.

‘I reserve all my rights, waiving none, including my right to remain silent.’

However, the frustrated officer got inside his car halfway through the driver’s speech and called for backup.

Still, the man continued ranting and asked for the officer’s ‘business card’ while repeating ‘I’m not under your authority’ and ‘you will enter my adhesion contract’.

Once the officer got back outside his car, the man began flashing a yellow card at him.

‘See that, that says that I’m not a person,’ he told the policeman.

‘If you look at the … Law Enforcement Powers and Responsibilities Act, which you’re responsible for, where does it say you have power over a man.

‘I’m not complying, I’m happy to cooperate with you. I’m not arguing, I’m informing you.’

A ‘sovereign citizen’ who claimed he’s ‘not a person’ was pulled over by police for driving without a licence, registration or insurance (pictured, the officer who pulled the driver over)

Soon a car with two female officers arrived as well as another highway patrol vehicle. 

The driver repeated the same ‘notice’ speech he gave the first officer.

‘I’m travelling in my private capacity today. I wish to be on my way. I do not wish to do business with you guys today,’ he said.

‘No contract. We don’t have a contract. I do not wish the contract. If you guys do something against my will today, you enter my adhesion contract. That’s very costly.

‘…If you do the right thing, your day ends well and the months ahead go well. If you do the wrong thing, and I know if I do the wrong thing same thing happens to me.’

One of the female officers shot back: ‘You have done the wrong thing.’

It’s not known whether the man was charged or not, but several commenters under the video slammed him for wasting officers’ time.

The first officer called two other police vehicles for backup, with two female officers forced to listen to the man’s threats of legal action

‘There’s a small, spiteful part of me that wants to hear “I am not under your authority” immediately followed by a Taser being deployed. Just a small part,’ one said.

‘I really feel for the police officers having to endure people like this,’ another wrote.

‘If, as they say, he is unregistered, uninsured and unlicensed, he should have been arrested on the spot as he is a danger to other road users,’ another said.

‘When these people fall down the rabbit hole they must really bump their head a lot on the way down,’ a fourth person wrote.

‘What a time-wasting flog. Always happy to post the beginning of the confrontation. Never show how successful they were when refusing to comply,’ another said. 

Source: | This article originally belongs to Dailymail.co.uk

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