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An elementary school teacher accused of raping a 12 year-old boy was re-arrested over claims she texted him to say ‘You’ll regret this’ after being freed on bond. 

 Alissa McCommon, 38, was arrested in Covington, Tennessee, late Thursday – 20 days after her initial arrest on September 8 for the child sex attack.

She is accused of breaching a condition of her $25,000 bond stipulating that she’d have no contact with her alleged victim. 

McCommon texted the boy using a phone number he wasn’t familiar with and used specific code words she’d previously used while sending him nude photos to identify herself, it is alleged.

The ‘You’ll regret this’ threat is then said to have followed.  

A former Tennessee elementary school teacher was arrested AGAIN after reaching out to the victim she allegedly raped using a secret phone number. Alissa McCommon is seen being frog-marched from her house in Covington, Tennessee, on Thursday

McCommon, 38, reportedly told her former student and victim that he would ‘regret this’ in a threatening text message sent despite being barred from contacting the youngster

This time she was charged with coercion of a witness, aggravated stalking, tampering with evidence and harassment.  

The arrest earlier this month came after multiple underage victims came forward and said that they were ‘befriended’ by their former teacher – who invited them to play video games with her and connected with them on social media apps.

McCommon had been a fourth grade teacher at Charger Academy – an elementary school in Covington, Tennessee. She taught English and Language at the school until the district suspended her without pay on August 24 – although she ultimately resigned. 

Tipton County Director of School John Combs said: ‘A parent brought forth allegations of misconduct on the morning of Thursday, August 24, and the teacher was suspended without pay later that same morning pending the outcome of the investigation.’ 

The online interactions between the ex-teacher and her previous students allegedly escalated to her sending the minors inappropriate photographs and requesting that they engage in sexual relations with her. 

She allegedly abused one of the children – who was aged 12 or under – that she preyed on inside her home in 2021. 

There was no evidence that any of the inappropriate behavior happened on any school campus – but McCommon confirmed that she had been talking to her former students inappropriately. 

The Tipton County Sheriff’s Office worked with CPD detectives after multiple victims came forward with information about the inappropriate behavior of their former teacher.

The ex-teacher was originally arrested earlier in September but was released on a $25,000 bond agreement under the condition that she would not contact her victim 

Other victims have allegedly come forward saying that McCommon engaged in inapproriate behaviors with them and tried to ‘befriend’ them using online games and social media 

McCommon admitted to a sexual encounter with the same former student that she was messaging with her secret phone, Police said. 

Covington Police Chief Donna Turner said: ‘The actions of McCommon are not only appalling, but CPD is also concerned about this apparent violation of her bond conditions,

‘Due to the nature of the communications, we are concerned others may have been contacted. We will continue to seek the revocation of McCommon’s bond, as well as aggressively prosecute the additional charges that continue to develop.’

This time McCommon is being held without the opportunity for bond as she waits for her appearance in Tipton County General Sessions Court.  

Source: | This article originally belongs to Dailymail.co.uk

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