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WARNING: Graphic content 

A once-respected zoologist who filmed himself molesting and mutilating pet dogs  had a secret accomplice in the US who edited the twisted videos before they went online.

Adam Britton, 52, met Jaden Young Korse, age 24 and from Kentucky, in 2021 in an online community dedicated to people who get sexual gratification from animal abuse, known as zoosadists.

They developed a friendship on Telegram, Britton’s pseudonym was ‘Monster’ and Korse called himself ‘Gorvaged’, and bonded over their shared obsession with animal cruelty.

In a few videos which showed Britton sexually abusing and torturing dogs, he held up signs that read ‘Gorvaged’ in an apparent effort to thank him for editing his work.

Korse and Britton were eventually identified in April 2022 thanks to dedicated sleuths on Reddit who were disgusted by the footage and worked tirelessly to bring those involved to justice.

But by that stage, Korse was dead.

Pictured: Adam Britton, who has pleaded guilty to about 60 animal cruelty charges, along with bestiality and possessing child exploitation material

Jaden Young Korse (pictured) was from Kentucky in the US, and edited Britton’s videos under the name ‘Gorvaged’

Pictured: A screenshot of a conversation between Britton, known as ‘monster’, and his friends on Telegram after Jaden Korse, known as Gorvaged

Korse, who struggled with addiction from the age of 13, had an accidental fentanyl overdose on December 21, 2021.

His distraught mother told Daily Mail Australia that she learned about his unsavory interests after his death, and conceded ‘he did likely edit the content’.

However, she also believes  opioid abuse from such a young age had a profound impact on his brain while it was still developing.

In the months before he died, Britton had also been giving Korse advice on the best ways to obtain a dog to abuse, and encouraged him not to appear ‘creepy’ to families who were reluctant to give up their beloved pet. 

But his mother said her son ‘had an amazing heart and could absolutely never participate in any such activity’.

‘My son liked to view content that would make the rest of the world sick. He looked, never participated,’ she said.

Britton was also caught with child exploitation material, but Korse’s mother said her son had nothing like that.

‘In fact, he was gathering evidence against some pedophiles when he passed away,’ she added.

Britton primarily used his Monster pseudonym to speak with like-minded people on Telegram, but Korse helped him create another called Cerberus – which is a three-headed dog in Greek mythology – to release his twisted content ‘anonymously’.

Pictured: Jaden Korse, also known as Gorvaged, died in December 2021 from a drug overdose

Jaden Korse (pictured) appears to have grown up around dogs. His mother is an advocate for lost and injured pets

Korse’s memorial appeared to celebrate his love of the ‘horror’ genre (pictured)

Britton mourned Korse’s death with another Telegram user, referred to by police as Deleted Account 14, and divulged details about their relationship under his Monster account.

Monster: ‘[Gorvaged] was also turning into a good friend. That hurts a lot. F**k.’

Deleted Account (14): ‘Yeah. I’m still hoping he’ll still pop back on…’

Monster: ‘I know. Maybe it’s not really true or something … I should probably delete our chat history, but…I don’t want to.’

Britton went on to explain Korse ‘loved’ his sick videos and actively helped him publicise them.

‘We talked a lot from the start, probably because I shared immediately that I was a producer, and he loved the content that I made,’ he wrote.

‘But from that we developed a friendship, even talked at one point about likely being good friends if we knew each other [in real life], we shared a similar sense of humor.’

‘He and I created Cerberus as a way of releasing my stuff “anonymously”, but before that he worked on edits of my stuff to get it out there – that’s why I made Gorv signs for him by way of thanks for that stuff, but it was more than that.’ 

Britton added: ‘I guess his family won’t know how much he was respected by our little community, but…that’s probably for the best lol!’

In another conversation about Korse’s death with other users, Britton encouraged the group to continue making content and dedicate it to their dead friend.

‘What do we do now?’ one user asked.

Britton replied: ‘Continue as we did before, dedicate future groups to Gorv, and torture dogs (and other animals) so he has something to watch on Afterlife Telegram, of course.’

Pictured: Private Telegram conversations between Britton’s old friends, after his arrest

Britton’s friends on Telegram said  he was ‘paranoid’ about being caught (pictured)

Britton’s arrest came just a month after he uploaded a video called ‘1B***h9pups’ to an abuse website, in March 2022.

Sources say he wanted it to be the best known ‘shock video’ on the internet, but all it did was anger Reddit users who were disgusted with the obscene levels of violence and scoured the video looking for clues.

Eventually, they noticed an orange City of Darwin leash on one of the dogs and one user in particular managed to identify Britton reported him to the police.

The user had been in contact with Britton’s social media friends to try and confirm his identity – including one man who told Daily Mail Australia he woke up one Saturday morning to an alarming message.

The message read: ‘Hello, how are you going. I got some things I wanted to ask you.’

The man, who did not want to be identified, asked: ‘Do I know you?’

The user replied: ‘No you don’t. But I assume you’ve heard of Adam Britton. If you want to talk about it I’d be glad. But if no that’s fine.

‘I’m the one who reported him, tracked him down and we are very angry.’

In another text exchange between the pair, the Reddit user explained he had also identified Korse as the Telegram user named Gorvaged.

Media outlets were not allowed to publish Britton’s name after his arrest last year to ensure he could get a fair trial by jury, but his old friends on Telegram were able to identify him.

They slammed him as ‘sloppy’ for using a leash that could be so easily identified, according to private Telegram messages obtained by Daily Mail Australia.

Pictured: A conversation between the Reddit user who tracked Britton down, and one of Britton’s acquaintances 

The user who tracked Britton down also managed to identify Jaden Korse as the man who edited Britton’s videos (conversation with Britton’s acquaintance is pictured)

‘News article about the arrest,’ one user said, with a link to a news story.

‘Sure sounds like Cerberus. And the leash connection. Sounds a little sloppy on his part [sic] tho.’

Another user called ‘solid cum enjoyer’ didn’t know about the accidental clue Britton left in the video, and wrote ‘leash = ???’

The first user said Britton often told Korse that he feared being caught: ‘I remember Gorv telling me he was always paranoid.’

‘Apparently the leash he used in one of the videos was custom given out at shelters in Australia or something or something like that.’

The non-publication order was lifted when Britton pleaded guilty in Darwin’s Supreme Court on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to 37 counts of animal cruelty, 10 counts of raping or attempting to rape a dog, and four counts of possessing or transmitting child abuse material in Darwin’s Supreme Court on Monday.

The non-publication order on his name was then lifted.

Pictured: The shipping container where he raped, tortured and murdered dogs between 2020 and 2022

Pictured: Inside the shipping container, left abandoned on his property in McMinns Lagood

His messages with Gorvaged formed some of the evidence against him. Most other users appear to have deleted their accounts.

According to court documents, Britton would source dogs on Gumtree Australia to molest and kill in bushland along the Arnhem Highway, at his sprawling home at McMinns Lagoon, and at a neighbouring property in Darwin’s south.

In one scenario in September 2021, Britton acquired a tan-coloured female dog called Kiki who belonged to an ill woman who was no longer able to care for her.

Britton emailed the family: ‘I live on a five-acre block in Humpty Doo, no other dogs too so she’d get the best of both worlds. I haven’t had a dog since my last girl died a few months ago but I miss her and need another companion.

‘I can help you out by offering her a great home.’

Four days later, he sent another email to say Kiki was ‘very sweet’ and they were ‘bonding already’.

According to court documents, Kiki didn’t survive the week.

When he wasn’t abusing the dogs in remote bushland off the highway, he would either kill the animals in the yard or in an old shipping container where he kept his filming equipment.

The container – or the ‘torture room’, as he called it – can be seen today inside the fence at the front of the property, close to the road and any passers by.

His cameras, sex toys, weapons, and dog corpses were long gone, but what remained was soiled mattresses, broken bed frames, an empty bottle of Cointreau, mugs, carpet, playing cards, and various mugs strewn about the floor.

During the raid of his home, police seized 44 items including computers, mobile telephones, cameras, external hard drives, tools and weapons.

Police also found 15 child abuse material files on his laptop.

He has been on remand in custody since his arrest and will appear in court again for sentencing on December 13.

Adam Britton (pictured) has confessed to animal abuse, bestiality, and for the possession of child exploitation material

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