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An Airbnb host has revealed the vast array of abandoned items that guests have left behind – including food, drink and even designer goods.

Giullianna first took to TikTok back in May to document the wide assortment of things that had been left at her two-story house in Miami, Florida. 

And, aptly dubbed ‘what my guests left behind in my Airbnb,’ the series is now approaching its 50th installment.

The lavish listing, which sleeps up to 15, is aimed at groups looking to throw a blowout bash with flourishes like a ‘disco’ room, billiards tables, wine closet and sleek backyard pool. 

An Airbnb host has taken to TikTok to document the wild array of items her guests have left behind at her Miami listing

The sprawling two-story home is in Miami’s Westview neighborhood

The listing, primed for guests looking to throw a blowout bash, boasts a ‘disco’ room

Billiards tables are also at guests’ disposal

A massive wine cooler is among the listing’s amenities 

Guests frequently abandoned half-consumed fresh produce, beverages and more

Guests also leave behind abundant dry goods and pantry items

Giullianna has also recovered a discarded bong 

A penis-shaped drinking vessel have been among the more risqué items left behind

Leftover alcohol seems to be by far the most common find for Giullianna amidst her post-stay rounds on the property

Giullianna has shared that usually keeps anything that’s unopened – but anything that’s been opened goes straight down the drain

Many guests also leave behind partially consumed meal leftovers

Partially consumed cakes symbolized recent revelry on the property

When it comes to produce, guests seem to leave much of it untouched

A rosebud-shaped ice cube mold was among the more random finds for Giullianna

In one TikTok revealing the aftermath of a two-night stay in July, Giullianna discovered a half-eaten birthday cake, an ice-cube tray with rosebud-shaped ice-molds, a ‘smart’ exercise hula-hoop and novelty cups – one resembling a palm tree and another, a penis.

Plenty more videos have captured various bachelorette-party favors – from bizarre activity cards to embossed shot glasses.

Other videos documented the likes of a massive bong, deck of Uno cards, wireless ‘tailgate’ speaker, stringy beach cover-up, broken wine glass, ‘Hangover Recovery Kits’ – and, in one instance, a floor baby booster. 

Among her more disturbing finds were a pair of false eyelashes, neatly stuck side-by-side to the wall next to a bed.

‘Lowkey scared me at first … thought they were two spiders,’ Giulianna quipped in the video caption.

On the other hand, a dizzying amount of unconsumed alcohol is the most common find for Giulianna as she makes her post-stay rounds.

While she will save anything unopened, she’s also documented herself pouring anything that’s already been opened straight down the drain. 

The listing has been the site of many a bachelorette party

Giullianna has uncovered countless instances of bachelerotte-party ephemera 

A frequent find for Giullianna has been various accessories emblazoned with glitzy lettering spelling out ‘bride’ and ‘bridesmaid’

A wide array of bachelorette party decorations get abandoned following the festivities

Plenty of products seemed to serve the aftermath of guests’ partying

Some left behind themed decks of playing cards, including at least one Uno deck

One guest had left a stringy beach cover up splayed out on the bed

Among the most disturbing finds for Giullianna was a pair of false eyelashes left stuck to a wall above one of the beds

One set of guests left behind a ‘smart’ fitness hula-hoop

A brand-new speaker has popped up as one of the nicer electronics guests had forgotten on the property 

One set of guests left behind a baby booster seat

A pair of Christian Dior sunglasses have been among the posher items Giullianna has found

In a lucky turn of events, Giullianna was able to keep a Marc Jacobs purse that a guest no longer wanted, ‘because it was actually a birthday gift from a friend that is no longer a friend’

As she bemoaned of one supercut of her emptying out beverage containers, ‘Last part hurts the most’ – referring to a nearly full bottle of Tito’s that she had no choice but to discard. 

Foods, meanwhile, have tended to range from snacks to leftover cake and other dishes – and, frequently, barely touched produce – as well as dry goods.

She’s also come across a surprising number of expensive, seemingly barely used items – such as a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses. 

But possibly the highest-end item to wind up abandoned was a brand-new Marc Jacobs-branded ‘The Tote Bag’ purse in Fluro candy pink, which retails for nearly $500.  

In a follow-up video, Giullianna explained that, after she reached out to the guest to alert her she’d left the pricey accessory behind, the woman responded saying she could keep it.

‘She told me that she did not want the bag because it was actually a birthday gift from a friend that is no longer a friend. So she did not want it with her. So she was hoping that someone [else] could get a good use out of it,’ reported Giullianna. 

The host asked if she was sure she didn’t want it sent back to her, and the guest responded that she was sure and that she’d in fact left it behind on purpose ‘for anybody else to just take it.’ 

‘So yah, I guess I’m just gonna keep the bag. It’s actually really pretty, I love it,’ Giullianna concluded.

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