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Archduke Alexander of Austria has tied the knot with Countess Natacha Roumiantzoff-Pachkevitch in a lavish ceremony in Belgium.

The Archduke, the son of Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria and Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg, and his bride celebrated their nuptials at the Eglise Saint Pierre de Belœil on September 30.

The bride, who is descended from Russian nobility, was the picture of glamour in a long sleeved white gown, boasting a deep plunge neck.

Her elegant frock also featured a gentle A-line shaped skirt, as well as ornate decorate waistband.

Bride Natacha paired her white dress with a long veil, which she wore with a tiara. 

HAPPY COUPLE: Archduke Alexander of Austria and Countess Natacha Roumiantzeff-Pachkevitch kiss following their wedding ceremony at the Eglise Saint Pierre in Beloeil, Belgium

The Archduke appeared delighted as he held hands with his bride after they had said their ‘I dos’ in the chruch

Both the bride and groom appeared to be beaming, with the Archduke even raising his new wife’s hand to kiss it at one point after the ceremony 

ARRIVAL: The bride, Countess Natacha Roumiantzoff-Pachkevitch arrives with her father, for the ceremony at the Saint Pierre de Beloeil church

Countess Natacha Roumiantzoff-Pachkevitch (pictured) paired her white wedding gown with a veil and small head piece

HUSBAND AND WIFE: The couple appear both happy and triumphant as they exit the church holding hands

Her hair adornments sat atop a half-down, half up to, with her dark blonde tresses tumbling in loose curls past her shoulders. 

She wore little make-up, pairing a fresh, dewy base with natural blush and lips, and very light eyeliner.

Opting for a subtle, but elegant bouquet, she carried a small white bunch of flowers, featuring lilies among other blooms. 

Her beau was equally dapper, opting for traditional tails in navy, which he wore over a waistcoat.

He opted for a tie – in stripes of navy and maroon – and completed the outfit with grey striped trousers. 

Images show the happy couple beaming after the ceremony, with the groom even raising his new wife’s hand to his lips at one point, to kiss her. 

Following the ceremony, they enjoyed a reception at the  Chateau de Belœil – which is the Seat of the Princes of Ligne.

A number of prestigious guests attended the couple’s glittering Belgium wedding. 

VOWS: The couple share an intimate moment during their wedding ceremony at the Church of Saint Pierre of Beloeil

CELEBRATE: The couple held their arms aloft in celebration following their lavish  wedding ceremony 

The groom appeared to be looking lovingly in the direction of his bride as they made their way out of the church after saying their views

Prince Louis of Luxembourg accompanied by his first cousin, Archduke Christoph of Habsbourg-Lorraine (brother of the groom), and cousin, Prince Henri of Bourbon-Parma

Prince Felix of Luxembourg and Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau attend the glamorous wedding

Archduke Imre of Habsburg-Lorraine (Brother of the Groom) and Archduchess Kathleen of Habsburg-Lorraine with their children attend the nuptial do

Prince Joachim of Belgium (pictured) was among the royal guests on the list at the nuptial do in Belgium 

Also attending the high profile event were Michel of Ligne and his wife, Princess Eleonora of Ligne (pictured)

Archduchess Priscilla of Habsburg-Lorraine and Gabrielle des Comtreras (pictured) smiled as they posed for photos 

DRESSED TO IMPRESS: Prince Jean of Luxembourg and his wife Countess Diane de Nassau donned their finery as they attended the wedding 

Prince Amaury of Bourbon-Parma and Princess Pelagie of Bourbon-Parma pose for snaps as they attend the wedding

Archduke Christoph of Habsburg-Lorraine and Archduchess Adelaide of Habsburg-Lorraine (pictured) were also on the guest list

Crown Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and Crown Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg were among the attendees

Among them were relatives, and royalty, with members of the Habsburg Royal Families in attendance among others.

Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg were among those on the guest list, alongside Prince Joachim of Belgium, Prince Jean of Luxembourg and Countess Diane de Nassau.

Also at the event were Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie among others. 

The event come days after the death of Archduke Alexander’s grandmother Archduchess Yolande.

Her funeral was held at the same church, the Eglise Saint Pierre, just a few days ago.

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