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Another day, another dip for Michelle Obama as she soaks up the Mediterranean sun on Steven Spielberg‘s new yacht with Tom Hanks, 67, and his wife Rita, 66.

The former first lady, 59, is playing gooseberry among the power couples of Hollywood as husband Barack remains home in California while she gets on with the serious business of relaxing.

The acclaimed movie director picked up the $250 million superyacht this summer from a Dutch outfitter and has been putting it through its paces off the Italian coast with his wife Kate Capshaw.

At 357 feet the boat named the Seven Seas features two swimming pools, a movie theater, and a helicopter landing pad, and has weighed anchor at spots including Cannes, Antibes, Nice, and Portofino so far.

Hanks has appeared in Spielberg movies dating back to 1998’s Saving Private Ryan and the two old pals have looked extremely at ease with each other as they enjoy the good life on deck.

Michelle Obama dries off after a dip in the Med with her Hollywood pals Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg 

Spielberg appears to offer some pointed advice as Hanks bares his chest on board the boat

The old friends have been enjoying some late summer sun on Spielberg’s 357 foot yacht 

Hanks appeared to be checking his laptop as the others enjoyed drinks 

A ladder allows guests to step straight into the water for a refreshing dip 

Hanks folds a towel in anticipation of his next dip 

Michelle looks sultry as she emerges from the water

Guests enjoyed the spotless new boat that was delivered to Spielberg this summer

It’s been reported that the enormous ship burns around 700 liters of fuel every hour even when it is not moving

Michelle has certainly enjoyed a lavish few weeks, visiting a slew of stunning places across Europe.

She was seen in Madrid, Spain, earlier this month, and the Spanish island of Mallorca days before that.

Before that, she went to New York City to watch the US Open with her husband, Barack Obama.

And in July, the couple, along with their daughters, visited Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts – where Barack was spotted playing golf and Michelle hit the tennis courts.

A few weeks prior to that, photographers caught them grabbing lunch on the stunning Greek island Sifnos with Tom, Rita, Malia, and Sasha.

In May, they headed to California to cheer on their youngest daughter, Sasha Obama, walk at her graduation from the University of Southern California.

The illustrious director was seen getting friendly with his wife Kate Capshaw

Michelle looked contemplative as she spends time apart from husband Barack

But she found plenty of time to dry off and enjoy the sunshine

Tom’s wife Rita was among the keenest to get in the water

Look before you leap: It is worth knowing what you are jumping into, however 

A little encouragement from shipmates is always on hand for reluctant swimmers

After you! The famous pair of pals hover on the boat’s edge 

Plenty of space remains on the 4,400 ton yacht for any other guests who care to drop in

His latest roll: Hanks prepares his towel for its debut performance 

A few moments in the Mediterranean sun should take care of any damp patches

Michelle looked fit as she donned some sportswear and grabbed a book  

Master of all he surveys: the veteran director bought his $250million boat this summer

That same month, Michelle and Barack vacationed in Barcelona, Spain – where they hiked to the Montserrat monastery with Steven and went to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Barack meanwhile has been seen in Portland, Oregon on a visit to the Nike campus.

Obama was seen joking about wanting ‘free swag’ and delivered a short speech about the company’s pursuit of excellence in a video posted on social media by a Nike employee.

‘So, who’s in charge of my swag?’ the former president was heard asking. ‘I mean you know why I’m here – for the latest stuff so I can impress my daughters.’

Obama also appeared at the Mia Hamm building, where top Nike executives are housed, and was given a brief tour at the LeBron James Innovation Center, where new products are developed.

Later he was seen surrounded by security guards after enjoying a meal at Funke on South Santa Monica Boulevard.

But he was silent when asked by reporters about rumors that his wife was considering a run at the presidency herself.

It comes after prominent Texas politician and former Republican candidate Ted Cruz speculated that Michelle could replace Joe Biden before the 2024 election.

The Texas Senator said Democrats may be looking to avoid nominating 80-year-old Biden over concerns about his advanced age.

Hanks glances at the beautifully appointed sun loungers  

The Oscar-winning actor decides that nothing beats a nice sit down 

Even the Med can be a little chilly at the start of October  

Old friends: Guests were spotted laughing and checking their phones on deck

Hanks and Spielberg have worked on five films together and the actor is not above making a point to his former director  

Quiet time: The calm waters of the Mediterranean provided a perfect backdrop for relaxation  

First lazy: If Michelle is considering a run or office she is giving little away

Politicians and their wives rarely know when to throw in the towel

The yacht boasts two swimming pools, a movie theater, and a helicopter landing pad

The director, in the purple shirt, looks at ease with guests on his yacht 

Michelle has found plenty of time for reading during her summer of leisure 

It was that big! Snorkelers recounted their underwater discoveries 

Michelle takes a shower to wash off the brine from the salty Mediterranean 

When being a billionaire film director gets all a bit much it is time for a lie down

But Spielberg always finds time to talk to his wife Kate Capshaw  

Staff keep a close watch as the celebrity guests take a dip

‘Here’s the scenario that I think is perhaps most likely, and most dangerous,’ he said on his ‘Verdict with Ted Cruz’ podcast. 

‘In August of 2024 the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama.’

‘I view this as a very serious danger,’ he added. 

But for now Michelle seems content to put political ambitions aside as she enjoys snorkeling and swimming with her Hollywood chums.

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