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At a high-dollar donor campaign fundraiser held last week in California, former President Donald Trump told the crowd he is currently seeking his third election win.

To the cheering crowd, Trump, who is currently polling some 45 points ahead of the rest of the GOP primary field said the 2020 election was ‘rigged.’

‘I won three times, but I don’t want to take credit for the second one because what a mess they’ve made,’ Trump declared before a crowd of listeners at the Beverly Hills home of billionaire property developer Geoff Palmer.

‘They used COVID to rig it,’ he declared, mentioning Democratic politicians’ movement to abolish voter IDs at the ballot box.

Trump’s commitment to his belief that the 2020 election was stolen from him has played to extremely mixed reactions from the GOP and general electorate.

Friday night’s fundraiser was hosted by billionaire real-estate developer and longtime Trump backer Geoffrey Palmer (left), pictured here with his wife Anne Emerich Palmer

Among loyal followers, the claim generally yields bouts of public applause, but among those who hope the party and country are ready to move on from the messy bout of fighting brought on by the 2020 presidential contest, the claim draws less enthusiasm.

On Friday evening, Trump used the claim as a jumping off point to discuss the array of other issues the country currently faces, which he hopes to get the opportunity to fix during a second term in the Oval Office.

‘This is bigger,’ he said, referring to the 2024 election. ‘It’s much bigger than if we did it more traditionally,’ meaning if he had served two consecutive White House terms.

He continued, saying that his potential second go at the presidency would be ‘bigger’ because of the contrast between his administration’s policies and those of the current administration.

Trump then lamented the poor economy, and compared it to the ‘greatest economy in the history of the world,’ which existed for the US during his presidency.

‘We have a bad economy now,’ he said. ‘People can’t sell houses anymore, they can’t buy houses anymore.’

The Friday night fundraiser was hosted at billionaire Palmer’s LA-area estate. Palmer is one of Trump’s earliest and largest donors. He previously donated more than $5million to Trump’s 2016 election effort, and has donated millions more since.

Invitations to Friday evening’s soiree were reportedly extended to individuals willing to contribute $100,000 or more to a super PAC backing the Trump campaign.

The deep-pocketed crowd heard the former president discuss a round of new polls released last week that place Trump definitely ahead of the rest of the pack.

Trump described the polls as ‘through the roof,’ but assured his audience that his team is ‘not playing prevent defense,’ meaning, the campaign will continue to roll on, full steam ahead through the primary battle. 

Trump spoke to a crowd of deep-pocketed California donors at a fundraiser hosted by billionaire real estate developed Geoffrey Palmer

Trump, who is polling many, many points ahead of his closest GOP rival, was in California last week, speaking to donors and the California Republican Party

Last week, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich made the claim that the GOP primary is all but over, following a second debate to which Donald Trump did not show up. 

‘I think the Republican National Committee should cancel the future debates and say, ‘Look, we recognize the objective fact that Trump will be the nominee. We want to work with him,” Gingrich said on Fox.

Polls show Trump way out in front of the seven candidates who took the stage at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California last Wednesday.

Gingrich, who endorsed Trump in 2016 and led the House ‘Republican Revolution’ in that helped set the stage Trump’s war on the establishment, said he had spoken to GOP pollster Matt Towery, who had urged Trump to run in that cycle.

‘Matt said to me, based on what he saw last night, this race is over, Donald Trump will be the nominee, they might as well quit having the various debates because they don’t work, they’re not helping anybody, and I think that’s where we are,’ Gingrich said.

‘I think Trump will be the nominee and the question now for everybody is do you want to see Joe Biden reelected or do you want to help Donald Trump? There’s no middle ground here, I don’t think.’

As Trump gathers with mega donors in California, however, other members of the Republican donor class may be plotting something else.

Last week CBS’ Bob Costas raised eyebrows when he reported that Thomas Peterffy, an Austrian-American billionaire, has been calling allies to talk up the possibility of backing Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, should he jump in the race.

Youngkin donors are reportedly planning to gather at the ‘Red Vest Retreat’ – named for Youngkin’s signature campaign uniform – in Virginia Beach October 17-18 with plans to ‘shove’ the governor into the 2024 race, Costa said, as they are ‘growing desperate to beat Trump.’

Gingrich rejected that idea, saying Youngkin could be a top or even the top contender in 2028, but not now.

‘I suspect the money is there, but the votes aren’t,’ Gingrich said.

He said Youngkin could be a front runner in four years, ‘But not this time, not this year.’

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