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Finland‘s former prime minister Sanna Marin was spotted looking glamourous as she stepped out to Victoria Beckham‘s fashion show in Paris. 

The former world leader, 37, was seen posing for photos while donning a long black dress in the City of Lights before attending the ballet-inspired runway show on Friday. 

The new snaps come at the end of a long year for Marin, who was at one point the youngest leader of a nation, having taken high office at just 34 years old in 2019. 

She stepped down from her role as chair of the centre-left Social Democrats party earlier this month, after her party narrowly lost an election in April. 

Marin left her political career behind to join former British prime minister Sir Tony Blair’s Institute for Global Change, a London-based policy think-tank, as a ‘Strategic Counsellor’.

Sanna Marin (pictured) was once the youngest world leader, taking high office at the age of just 34

She was seen dressed to kill before Victoria Beckham’s runway in Paris

She made headlines after a video leaked of her dancing wildly with friends

She also filed for divorce in May, amicably splitting up with her then-husband of three years, Markus Raikkonen.

The pair, who have a five-year-old daughter together, said in separate Instagram stories at the time: ‘We are grateful for the 19 years together and our beloved daughter. We will remain best friends.’

After her tumultuous spring, she took some time to enjoy herself, and was spotted at Flow, a music festival in Helsinki, in August. 

Appearing much more like a typically 30-something than a former world leader, the ‘rock star’ politician opted for chunky heels with a mini skirt and bralette in a series of photos she shared to Instagram.

One outfit simply isn’t enough for Sanna. On another occasion, she flaunted a festival chic look in a sheer black dress and reflective sunglasses.

A third look saw her opt for a Barbie pink mini dress with thigh-high boots.

The former Prime Minister, who was just 34 when she took office in 2019, really let down her hair down in – what she calls a – ‘proper summer vacation for the first time in a while’.

She was joined by a group of friends, including fellow MP Nasima Razmyar.

In another post, she explained how it’s her first holiday ‘in a while’.

‘This summer I’ve had a proper summer vacation for the first time in a while,’ she wrote.

‘It has included, among other things, being busy with [her five-year-old daughter] Emma, sports, friends, good food and unforgettable trips.

She attended the ballet-themed fashion show in Paris

‘Have a lovely summer everyone. And thank you to those who are working in the summer and taking care of us!’. 

After leading her country through COVID-19 lockdowns and the ensuing economic turmoil, Marin became a vocal supporter of Ukraine after Russia’s invasion last year and successfully pushed to end Finland’s military non-alignment in favour of NATO membership.

While many called her a millennial inspiration who encouraged younger people to be less apathetic towards politics, she was still a controversial figure in Finland. 

Finnish voters concerned with issues like immigration and a growing public deficit in April handed Marin a narrow defeat to the right wing National Coalition and the far-right Finns party, triggering the government’s fall.

She weathered several publicity storms while in office, including over her nightclubbing during the pandemic, hosting private parties at her official residence and voluntarily taking a drug test – which returned negative – after a party video was leaked to the media.

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