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Police took 27 years to arrest Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis for the murder of Tupac Shakur because he kept building their case for them, a retired LAPD cop has claimed.

The former Crips gang leader was charged on Friday over the 1996 drive-by shooting that left the influential rapper fatally injured on the Las Vegas Boulevard.

Friends of the hip hop star have demanded to know why it took so long to bring charges when Davis has repeatedly boasted of his involvement in podcasts, interviews, and even a memoir.

‘Perhaps what they were doing was saying, ‘He’s already tied the noose, now, let’s let him hang himself’,’ said Greg Kading, who previously investigated Shakur’s killing.

‘You didn’t just say it twice, you didn’t just say it five times,’ and so now you’ve got this compilation of so many confessions,’ he added.

Former LAPD detective Gary Kading who helped investigate the murder says police were waiting for Davis to hand them a watertight cases against himself 

American rapper and actor Tupac Shakur was killed in a drive by shooting which has been unsolved for 27 years

Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis was taken into custody on Friday morning by Las Vegas detectives, and has been charged with murder with use of a deadly weapon 

‘The perception is that it’s going to be hard for him at this point to say, ‘Hey, I was just kind of boasting, making stuff up’.’

Davis, 60, has claimed he told police as long ago as 2009 that he was in the Cadillac from which the bullets were fired.

In his 2019 tell-all memoir ‘Compton Street Legend,’ he wrote: ‘They promised they would shred the indictment and stop the grand jury if I helped them out.’

Kading confirmed the account, telling CNN: ‘We knew about Davis all the way back from his initial confession to law enforcement. We sat him down back in 2009, and he confessed to his role in the murder along with other co-conspirators.

‘He had a proffer agreement, so we couldn’t utilize that information that he was providing against him.

‘But then he began to go out publicly boast about his involvement in the murder, and that led to law enforcement in Las Vegas taking another look at his claims, and ultimately, he’s talked himself right into jail.’

Shakur, 25, was in a BMW driven by Death Row Records founder Marion ‘Suge’ Knight in a convoy of about 10 cars waiting at a red light when a white Cadillac pulled up next to them and gunfire erupted.

He was shot multiple times reportedly in revenge for a previous assault on Davis’s nephew Orlando Anderson.

Davis claimed that Anderson had tried to steal a Death Row Records medallion from a member of Shakur’s entourage – which was affiliated with LA gang The Bloods. Shakur and his entourage then beat up Anderson at the MGM Grand later that night after watching a Mike Tyson fight. Davis told a Netflix docuseries that they hopped into their Cadillac to find Tupac after the beat down, knowing he was due to perform at 662 Club that night.

Shakur was 25 when he was gunned down on the Vegas strip on 7 September 1996 while riding in a BMW

In this image Davis can be seen standing in the middle of a group of five men, with his nephew Orlando Anderson on the far right, who was named as a suspect before he was killed in 1998

Davis had previously claimed in a 2018 documentary that he was riding in the car with Anderson and handed him the murder weapon before he fired.

Anderson and his uncle were affiliated with the Los Angeles street gang the South Side Compton Crips, while Tupac had connections to their rivals, the Bloods.

Anderson died in a 1998 shooting and Davis was one of the last living witnesses to Tupac’s murder when he offered an account of what took place in his 2019 memoir.

‘One of my guys from the back seat grabbed the Glock and started bustin’ back,’ he wrote.

‘As the rounds continued flying, I ducked down so that I wouldn’t get hit.’

Following the announcement of charges on Friday, Shakur’s brother Mopreme Shakur told NewsNation that there are still questions that need answered.

Speaking to the outlet, he said: ‘I’m taken aback after so many years of dealing with this trauma, I am cautiously optimistic. Any accountable is good for us.

‘This guy has been out there, he’s been doing podcasts, interviews, YouTube, he wrote a book. They’ve known the whole 27 years he was in the car.

‘There’s still question that still need to be answered, if there was conspirators, the actual motive. I don’t know exactly what to believe. ‘

During a press conference on Friday, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Jason Johansson added that Davis had spoke to numerous media outlets as well as a Netflix documentary.

The former gang leader, left , had admitted to playing a role in the murder of Shakur, right, to police back in 2009, but did so as part of a proffer agreement

In the book, he said that he told authorities about his involvement in the killing in 2010, during a closed-door meeting with federal and local authorities.

Homicide Lt. Jason Johansson called Davis the ‘leader and shot caller’, during a press conference on Friday

He added: ‘This was likely our last time to take a run at this case to successfully solve this case and bring forth a criminal charge.’

On Friday, Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo described Davis as the ‘on-ground, on-site commander’ who ‘ordered the death’ of Shakur.

Police believe Davis obtained the gun that was used from a ‘close associate,’ but declined to give any more details, saying they would come out during the trial.

Sheriff Kevin McMahill added that the case was ‘far from over’, saying they are working to build a ‘successful prosecution’.

A Nevada grand jury indicted Davis in the killing after being seated for ‘several months’. Davis was arrested while on a walk near his home.

A Netflix documentary previously named Anderson as the shooter, with the gangster bragging about his involvement in the killing of Tupac in books and interviews.

The arrest comes two months after Vegas cops raided Davis’ wife’s home on July 17, looking for items ‘concerning the murder of Tupac Shakur.’

Authorities seized multiple computers, a cell phone and a hard drive from the property, and a Vibe magazine featuring Shakur.

They also took several 40-caliber bullets, two ‘tubs containing photographs’ and a copy of Davis’ memoir.

Insiders to the investigation claimed in August that homicide detectives were ‘optimistic’ about bringing a charge in the case.

Sources told The US Sun that the district attorney’s office was set to present their case to a grand Jury last month.

They added that a criminal case was expected ‘imminently’, and they were looking at ‘first-degree murder potentially for Keffe D’, based on Nevada law.

Metro Police investigators made ‘long and careful considerations’ over moving forward on the case, saying that they ‘did not enter into the investigation lightly.’

‘They knew that the world would be watching if they took any action against Davis,’ a source said. ‘They do not want to make any missteps.’

A separate source added that Keefe’s gloating had ‘talked himself into huge legal trouble’.

‘Who knows what Keefe will do,’ they said. ‘Maybe he might try to negotiate a plea deal. The attention globally on the DA and police department will be extreme.’

Nominated six times for a Grammy Award, Shakur is largely considered one of the most influential and versatile rappers of all time.

He was feuding at the time with rap rival Biggie Smalls (left) , also known as the Notorious B.I.G., who was fatally shot in March 1997

He was feuding at the time with rap rival Biggie Smalls, also known as the Notorious B.I.G., who was fatally shot in March 1997.

At the time, both rappers were in the middle of an East Coast-West Coast rivalry that primarily defined the hip-hop scene during the mid-1990s.

Shakur accused Biggie and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, of being behind another shooting in 1994.

He was shot in a hotel lobby and was seriously injured, but survived the attack, accusing both of the rappers of being linked to the attack.

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