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Fox News host Jesse Watters argued that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s third party presidential campaign will cost President Joe Biden re-election.

On Friday, RFK Jr. released a video in which he shared he will make a major announcement on October 9, hitting at an Independent party bid for the White House.

‘Kennedy’s independent run will devastate Biden’s shot at re-election,’ said the Fox News primetime host Friday. 

‘Kennedy is polling at 15 percent with Democrats. If Biden’s the nominee, 15 percent of American Democrats will have Kennedy as an option. Melon-scooping a critical piece of the base away from Joe.’

Democrat political strategists and Biden aides reportedly worry that a third party candidate could siphon votes from the 80-year-old president in a Biden Trump match up, creating an easier path to victory for Republicans.

Fox News primetime host Jesse Waters said Friday that RFK Jr.’s third party run will lead to a Republican victory in 2024

Watters said Kennedy’s name as an independent on the ballot will split the Democrat vote, allowing a Republican candidate to win in a Trump Biden match up

In his video, the political dynasty heir said he no longer wants to play by corrupt roles and warned of a sea of change in American politics.

‘How are we going to win against the established Washington interests?’ the 69-year-old says in the video.

‘It’s not through playing the game by the corrupt rules that the corrupt powers and the vested interests have rigged to keep us all in their thrall. Instead, we’re going to have to rewrite the assumptions and change the habits of American politics.’

Watters also suggested the way the president has treated his political opponent could leave a bad impression on voters, pushing them to vote for RFK Jr.  

‘A massive miscalculation by President Biden, who was supposed to have a seasoned touch, denying Secret Service protection to a man whose father and uncle were assassinated,’ said the Fox News host.

Cheryl Hines, RFK Jr.’s wife and TV star, has begged Biden to provide her husband with Secret Service protection after an armed gunman was detained at a campaign event.

Both his father, Robert Kennedy, and uncle, John F Kennedy, were assassinated during their political careers. 

President Biden has denied RFK Jr. secret service protection and has not committed to participating in a Presidential debate

Robert F Kennedy Jr. shared a video where he hinted at an Independent election bid and called for change in American politics 

‘Refusing to debate and rigging the primary will now likely cost him the White House,’ said Watters. 

‘Yes, some Trump-leaning voters may cast ballots for Kennedy, but if you’re a Republican and you see Trump, Biden, and the name Kennedy in the booth, you’re voting Trump.’

In August, advisers from the Democratic National Committee did not commit Biden to participating in future presidential debates.

Watters joined the Fox News primetime line up in July, taking Tucker Carlson’s coveted 8 p.m. slot. 

RFK Jr. has struggled to get more than 20 percent in the polls, but winning just a few thousand votes in the general election could spell disaster for the president.

Some view Kennedy as a conspiracy theorist for his views on vaccines and recently sparked fury by suggesting COVID was ‘ethnically targeted’ so Chinese people and Jews have more immunity.

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