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A shocking new video shows dozens of masked looters smashing their way into an Apple Store in Philadelphia and running away with iPhones and tablets as the city dealt with widespread crime the past week. 

Philadelphia Police Department released a new surveillance camera footage, showing brazen thugs rioting through the Apple store on Walnut Street in the center of the city.

Masked thieves forcefully infiltrated the store, swiftly seizing iPhones, laptops, tablets, and anything within reach on display stands—finishing their plunder in less than a minute. 

Most suspects appeared to be teenagers including one audaciously strolling out, lugging a massive television monitor with no sense of urgency.  

The police are asking help from the public in identifying five of the suspects. 

A new surveillance footage shows brazen brutes rioting through the Apple store in the center of Philadelphia 

The thefts swiftly seized iPhones, laptops, tablets, and anything within reach on display stands—finishing their plunder in less than a minute

At least 52 arrests have been made so far, with burglary, theft, and other charges filed against at least 30 people as of Saturday, but the number of suspects seems to be higher. 

The flash mob-style ransacking Tuesday night targeted dozens of stores including Foot Locker, Lululemon and Apple. 

Earlier footage from the Apple store shows the aftermath of the looting, with iPhones and other electronic goods seemingly ripped from their display stands. 

What appears to be staff members can be seen standing around looking bemused.

Fox News reporter Steve Keeley also shared footage showing the fallout of the looting. 

Officers can be seen placing handcuffs on one man, as they guard the exterior of the store. 

Numerous people can be heard shouting in the background as he is led to the rear of a police van. 

Thieves was left outraged a day after the looting when they discovered Apple had disabled products they stole. 

Video posted online showed the moment alarms on their stolen Apple devices blare in unison. 

The looters are then seen pouring a juice-like liquid onto the merchandise as girl recording is heard saying ‘Oh my god, this is crazy.’

Images shared on social media show a large group storming the Apple store and stealing items

Video posted online shows the moment looters in Philadelphia discover items they stole from an Apple store have been disabled

Footage of the aftermath comes as it emerged looters had bragged about their plan just hours before hitting stores for a second night of mayhem in Philly.

‘WHAT TIME WE GOING ‘SHOPPING???’, one person said on Instagram hours before their arrest. 

‘We looting or not??!!’ wrote another.

Looter Dayjia Blackwell, who livestreamed the robbery in Philadelphia and encouraged others to join in, appeared distraught as police took her mug shot. 

She was released on $25,000 bail Thursday and brazenly begged her fans to pay for a lawyer and urged people to buy clothing and hats from her brand. 

She hired Mann, who also criticized the media for posting her mugshot ‘with tears streaming down her face and her hair a mess.’

Blackwell, meanwhile, has uploaded her mugshot as her profile picture on social media and hinted she may print merchandise featuring the mugshot.

The thefts and unrest stretched from downtown to northeast and west Philadelphia, leaving smashed display windows and broken storefront coverings. 

Dayjia Blackwell, 21, who livestreamed a mob-style looting spree in Philadelphia and encouraged others to join in, appeared distraught as police took her mug shot

Dayjia Blackwell, known as Meatball, posted on her Instagram story after being released from jail. She told viewers about her time in jail and asked them to buy her merch or donate to her

Police said seven cars were stolen from a lot in the northeast – one of the cars had been recovered as of Wednesday afternoon.

Six businesses in a single retail corridor of North Philadelphia were looted, including three pharmacies, a hair salon, a tax preparation company and a cellphone store, according to the North 22nd Street Business Corridor, a business group.

Latest figures, which are up until last Sunday, show how there has been 302 homicides in the city so far this year.

There have also been 402 reported rapes, 58,759 cases of property crime, 3,701 cases of aggravated assaults and 1,314 shooting victims.

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