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A woman was seen throwing £5,000 in cash at a man on an airport runway after the pair were in a ‘drunken row’ that was so vicious it forced their flight to divert.

Holidaymakers said that around five hours into their flight from London to Bangkok on September 30, an already ‘intoxicated couple’ got into a loud row, forcing the pilot to land in Vienna for the sake of passenger safety, adding two-and-a-half hours to the international flight. 

The as-yet-unnamed couple were seen bickering on the tarmac of Vienna Airport. 

The woman, dressed in an all-gray outfit, was seen throwing a wad of cash at her male partner, who steps towards her before he is stopped by airport security. 

The notes were picked up by the wind and were flung across the tarmac.  

The man, dressed in a similar gray outfit while wearing a neck pillow, is then forced to meekly pick up the money, which the passenger who filmed the video said amounted to £5,000.

The couple were both reportedly visibly intoxicated when they were on the flight

She threw £5,000 in cash at him as they continued to bicker on the tarmac

Grandfather Andy Singh, 63, who was travelling to Thailand for a month-long holiday, was on the flight, and said: ‘The lady and the man, they were already intoxicated. They kept talking about money, he would say ‘she’s got my £5,000 in her bag’.

‘The captain said “we have to go back to Vienna because [of] staff safety and the passengers’ safety, ladies and gentleman we have got no choice but to get back to Vienna”.’

Andy said: ‘The police took the lady first.

“[The man] decided after a couple of minutes on the tarmac to grab the bag from the lady, but the lady just threw all £5,000.”

Both were put in a police van, and footage shows an officer trying to pick up some of the strewn cash.

Andy said: ‘Some of the notes, they were floating away because nobody picked them up, they only picked up the nearest ones.’

The grandfather said all of the passengers were put up in a hotel and set off again at 5.30pm local time on Sunday. 

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