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The chief advisor for New York City mayor Eric Adams has called on the Biden administration  to close the border – before a panicked City Hall was forced to walk back her comments.

Ingrid Lewis-Martin made the comments on Sunday as she discussed the crisis that has seen over 116,000 migrants arrive in the city in 18 months, with more than 60,000 of them still in the city’s care. The Adams administration is currently trying to change the city’s right to shelter law to not include new migrants – a stunning reversal as both the Democratic mayor and governor first welcomed the asylum seekers with open arms. 

‘It would alleviate it to the extend that others wouldn’t be so ready and able to come to New York City because they know, “they’re not going to provide us with shelter,”‘ Martin said when asked changing the right to shelter law. ‘We have to find a way to make them understand, we’re no longer responsible for you, you need to find other means. Go to another state.’

However, Marin added that the federal government should ultimately be in control of the situation as she demanded the borders be closed.

‘We need the federal government, the Congress members, the Senate, and the president to do its job: Close the borders,’ she told PIX11.

The chief advisor for New York City mayor Eric Adams, Ingrid Lewis-Martin, has called on the Biden administration to close the border

Over 116,000 migrants arrive in the city in 18 months, with more than 60,000 of them still in the city’s care

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Deputy Mayor for Communications Fabien Levy quickly walked back Martin’s comments, clarifying the mayor believes that ‘of course this nation should continue to welcome immigrants — both those seeking asylum and those who are not.’

The contrasting comments from Adams staffers come as a upstate county has blocked the mayor’s attempts send some of the asylum seekers in the city north. 

Last week Adams announced plans to issue housing vouchers for migrants to use outside the five NYC boroughs,  but Republican Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente answered with an emergency order saying he would have to approve all vouchers, and would only do so after needy locals are taken care of, as reported by the Oneida Daily Dispatch.

‘This is just a veiled attempt by Mayor Adams to pass New York City’s migrant crisis on to upstate counties,’ Picente said. ‘This action is due to the complete failure of federal government policy and lack of leadership in Albany.’

The NYC government has been desperately trying to tell asylum seekers to choose another city, as a record number of migrants continues crossing the US-Mexico border.

More than 200,000 migrants have been processed crossing illegally into the U.S. for September, illustrating the gravity of the border crisis the Biden administration is struggling to contain.

Adams’ administration announced on Wednesday it would distribute flyers at shelters and the southern border warning migrants that they will not be given free housing in the Big Apple.

Deputy mayor for Health and Human Services Ana Williams Isom showed the updated flyers during a City Council meeting, and said they would be used to combat ‘misinformation’ coming from social media or human traffickers about migrant services in the city.

The city had already distributed similar flyers in July to discourage asylum seekers at the border, but the updated message is much more blunt

As the city ran out of space, landmarks like The Roosevelt Hotel have been turned into emergency shelters

More than 200,000 migrants have been processed crossing illegally into the U.S. for September

‘We’ll be distributing these flyers at our shelters and intake centers in New York City, as well as through NGOs and nonprofits across the country,’ she told the meeting. ‘We know that there are people in our shelters that are telling their family members to come to New York City and that they’ll get housing … that has never been the case, but we want to make sure we’re being clear with people that New York City is out of space.’

One of the messages on the flyers reads: ‘NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world; you are better off going to a more affordable city.’

It’s not an accurate message – while Adams has been trying to get the Right to Shelter police suspended as he deals with migrant influx, the law is still in place, which means the city must provide shelter to anyone who asks for it,

As the city ran out of space, landmarks like The Roosevelt Hotel have been turned into emergency shelters. NYC is currently paying hotels an average cost of $185 per day per room, and spending about $385 a night per migrant family that needs housing and feeding. According to Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, asylum seekers are costing the city roughly $10 million every day.

Adams has said the crisis will cost the city $12billion over three years.

Both the city and state governments first welcomed asylum seekers sent to northern sanctuary cities by Republican governors fed up with that they say are Democrat’s open-arm immigration policies.

Mayor Adams and governor Kathy Hochul first said they were proud to lead the Right to Shelter city, quoting the Statue of Liberty’s message about taking in the ‘poor, tired and hungry.’

But over 100,000 arrivals later, both Adams and Hochul have repeatedly told asylum seekers there is no space for them in New York.

Since July, Adams has been telling migrants the city is at capacity, and warned that if the situation continues to escalate without federal help, the crisis would ‘destroy’ the city.

New York City’s migrant crisis is expected to cost the city $4.7billion this year. Above is a list of some of the landmarks that have been turned into emergency shelters as officials struggle to house nearly 60,000 migrants in the city’s care 

However, the city secretly extended its contracts with the over 100 hotels being used as emergency shelters, and is planning on spending a staggering extra $1billion on hotel rooms for immigrants for three more years.

The city’s contract, which was supposed to end this year, will now end in August 2026 and cost a total $1.365 billion – almost five times the original price tag of $237 million.

The new cost does not include other facilities turned into shelters such as the tent shelters set up in the McCarren Recreation Center in Queens or the Island Shores Assisted Living in Staten Island.

Mayor Eric Adams said on September 9 that spending would be slashed by 15 percent through next spring to cope with the influx of 116,000 migrants in 2023, with 60,000 of the desperate people being housed in the city.

Adams – who is up for re-election in 2025 – told city agencies that they would each need to cut spending by 5 percent by November at the latest. There will then be another 5 percent slash in January and a final hack down in April.

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