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A cold snap will bring freezing weather and a deluge of rain to parts of Australia after millions sweltered through record-breaking heat over the long weekend.

Cooler temperatures and rain are expected in several major cities this week following a hot spell that resulted in crowds flocking to beaches along the coast. 

Sydney saw a maximum of 36C on Sunday, which is 14C above average for October, making it the city’s hottest start to the month ever. 

Sunday night’s NRL Grand Final between the Penrith Panthers and the Brisbane Broncos was the hottest on record.

The hot spell will come to an end with a cool change bringing consecutive days of rain with as much as 100mm being dumped in parts of Victoria by midweek.

Melbourne and Adelaide will be caught up in the wet spell with the mercury falling as low as 15C. 

Sydney will enjoy a brief cool spell on Monday with temperatures dropping to 24C, showers forecast for Wednesday and the mercury dipping to 21C on Friday. 

Cooler temperatures and rain is expected later in the week for Sydney and southern Queensland following on from the hot weather over the holiday weekend

Sydney recorded temperatures of 36C while Melbourne reached a maximum of 22C and Brisbane soared to 27C for Sunday (pictured, a weather map of Australia)

Brisbane will enjoy a maximum of 28C throughout the week with showers forecast for Thursday. 

A mass of Antarctic air is heading north across the southern ocean, which will contribute to the falling temperatures at the surface. 

A cold front will move through the Bight, then a low and associated frontal zones will bring a substantial rain event to the south, according to Sky News meteorologist Bradlyn Oakes

The cold weather will sweep through the southern states beginning in South Australia Sunday night, with some rain possible in areas of the state.

Adelaide will go from a high of 31C on Sunday to a maximum of 20C on Tuesday due to the changes.

The major wet weather event will reach Victoria on Tuesday and last until Thursday.

It’ll bring rain through the state, with moderate to heavy falls predicted for eastern areas.

Melbourne could see three days of rain from Tuesday to Thursday, with Wednesday producing the heaviest falls for the state’s capital.

Temperatures in Melbourne are expected to fall from a maximum of 28C on Monday to a much chillier 15C on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Victoria’s Gippsland and Northeast could see up to 50 to 100mm of rain on Wednesday and Thursday. 

There will also be potential showers in NSW, the ACT and southern Queensland over the coming days 

Beaches across the east coast such as Bondi in Sydney were crowded as people spent the weekend cooling off

Sunday night’s NRL Grand Final between the Penrith Panthers and the Brisbane Broncos was the hottest on record

Sydney is expected to have only five to 10 mm of rain in that time, while Canberra could see up to 40mm.

Sydney’s maximum temperature will lower towards the end of the week to 23C on Thursday and 21C on Friday. 

The temperature change in Canberra is expected to be far more abrupt with a maximum of 14C on Thursday. 

The cool change comes on the back of a scorching weekend which saw heat records broken during the Grand Final in Sydney on Sunday. 

It was the hottest temperatures reported at the Accor Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park, with the heat peaking after the NRLW Grand Final kick-off. It then cooled down slightly by the time the men’s match started.

Other areas of the greater Sydney saw temperatures rise even further.

Penrith hit a maximum of 37.3 degrees while Richmond rose to 36.7 degrees, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

More than 85 fires burned across the state and 39 were out of control on Sunday evening.

There were three grass fires throughout western Sydney, including one close to Mount Druitt near shops.  

There were total fire bans in place across greater Sydney, the Hunter region, north-western NSW and the far south coast. 

The fire danger rating was listed as extreme in those areas. 

Conditions will change completely throughout the week, with much-needed rain returning to multiple states and territories via a wet weather event

Melbourne (pictured) could see three days of rain from Tuesday to Thursday, with the heaviest falls predicted for this Wednesday



Monday: Partly cloudy Min 7 – Max 28. 

Tuesday: Becoming windy. Partly cloudy. Min 13 – Max 29. 

Wednesday: Rain. Min 11 – Max 20. 

Thursday: Showers. Min 2 – Max 14.

Friday: Frost. Partly cloudy. Min 0 – Max 17.


Monday: Mostly sunny. Min 16 – Max 24. 

Tuesday: Sunny. Min 16 – Max 33. 

Wednesday: Shower or two developing. Min 19 – Max 28. 

Thursday: Windy. Min 12 – Max 23.

Friday: Possible shower. Min 11 – Max 21.


Monday: Sunny. Possible storm. Min 23 – Max 34. 

Tuesday: Partly cloudy. Min 24 – Max 33. 

Wednesday: Posible shower. Min 24- Max 33. 

Thursday: Shower or two. Min 24 – Max 33.

Friday: Mostly sunny. Min 24 – Max 35.


Monday: Mostly sunny. Possible storm. Min 15 – Max 28. 

Tuesday: Partly cloudy. Min 17 – Max 27. 

Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Min 19 – Max 27. 

Thursday: Shower or two. Min 20 – Max 28.

Friday: Partly cloudy. Min 15 – Max 28.


Monday: Sunny. Possible storm. Min 7 – Max 28. 

Tuesday: Showers. Min 17 – Max 23. 

Wednesday: Showers. Min 10 – Max 15. 

Thursday: Showers. Min 10 – Max 15.

Friday: Shower or two. Min 10 – Max 14.


Monday: Sunny. Possible storm. Min 11 – Max 32. 

Tuesday: Shower or two. Min 13 – Max 20. 

Wednesday: Showers. Min 9 – Max 17.

Thursday: Cloudy. Min 9 – Max 18.

Friday: Partly cloudy. Min 10 – Max 20.


Monday: Showers easing. Wind easing. Min 13 – Max 18. 

Tuesday: Cloudy. Min 11 – Max 19. 

Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Min 10 – Max 23.

Thursday: Sunny. Min 11 – Max 27.

Friday: Sunny. Min 15 – Max 32.


Monday: Mostly sunny. Min 6 – Max 22. 

Tuesday: Shower or two. Min 11 – Max 21. 

Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Min 7 – Max 17. 

Thursday: Showers increasing. Min 7 – Max 16.

Friday: Shower or two. Min 6 – Max 12.

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