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Missing nine-year-old Charlotte Sena was snatched on Saturday evening in a narrow, 15-minute window after venturing off alone for a bike ride while on a two-night camping trip with her family. 

Charlotte was cycling alone on Loop A of Moreau Lake State Park in New York near Saratoga Springs when she vanished at 6.15pm. She had been playing with friends throughout the day but decided to cycle alone, one last time, before the sun went down. 

It should have only taken a few minutes for to complete the small loop. At 6.30pm, her parents realized she hadn’t returned and grew worried. By 6.47pm, they had found Charlotte’s bike on the loop and called 911. 

There is now a frantic search underway for the child, for whom an Amber Alert was issued on Sunday morning after rangers searched the 6,250-acre park and found no sign of her. 

There are 158 camping sites in the park, though it’s unclear how many were being used on Saturday. Loop A sits in the southwest corner of the park and is directly adjacent to US Highway 9 – which runs all the way from Philadelphia to Canada

The FBI is now assisting in the search, but law enforcement gave no updates on Monday when pushed for new information.

‘At this time as our efforts remain focused on the search for Charlotte. 

‘We are investigating any and all possibilities that may have led to Charlotte going missing,’ Trooper Stephanie L. O’Neil of the New York State Police told DailyMail.com.

Charlotte Sena was last seen cycling around Loop A in the Moreau Lake State Park in upstate New York near Saratoga Springs. She went for the cycle alone at 6.15pm, and was never seen again. Police were unable to find her anywhere in the park, so believe she was abducted

Nine-year-old Charlotte Sena has been missing since Saturday night, when police say she was snatched from the campsite where she was staying with her family

This is Loop A, where Charlotte was riding her bike on Monday night when she vanished. It sits next to Old Saratoga Road. Police pinpointed the location where she vanished to tent Site 18 but it’s unclear if that is where her bike was found, or where she was staying 

This is Loop A in the Moreau Lake State Park. It is surrounded by woods and there are 31 campsites in close proximity to one another

There is a thick wood surrounding Loop A. Next to it is Old Saratoga Road which later feeds into US Highway 9 

While campers must reserve a spot and provide their contact details, the park is easily accessed during the day by anyone who isn’t camping. There is no official record of who was visiting on Saturday aside from those camping. 

Police are also refusing to disclose how many people were in the park at the time, and whether or not they interviewed everyone who was asked to leave the park on Sunday once the Amber Alert had been issued. 

Amber and her family were part of a larger group of families and friends. 

‘In the park alone, someone had to have seen something. It was crowded, dinner time, a busy campsite, a 75 degree weekend day.

‘I find it very hard to believe that someone didn’t notice something,’ Charlotte’s aunt, Jené Sena said during an interview on the YouTube true crime podcast DutyRon. 

She has since launched a GoFundMe account to help the family.  

New York State Police are confident Charlotte was abducted, but it’s unclear if there is any surveillance footage from the campsite that indicates how she was taken. 

She was last seen wearing a tie-dye Pokemon shirt, dark blue pants, black crocs, gray bike helmet. 

They have not disclosed how many people were in the park, or how far Charlotte’s bike was found from the campsite.

Site 18 on Loop A at the Moreau Lake State Park near Gansevoort, New York. Charlotte was with family and friends on a group trip 

Charlotte was taken from the park while wearing this pink Pokémon t-shirt, a gray bike helmet and dark blue pants

Charlotte (far right) as a younger child with her mother Trisha, father David and sisters. The devastated family is desperate for her to come home 

Charlotte is shown in a more recent video uploaded to social media by her aunt 

Charlotte is 90lbs and 5ft 1in tall. Her family say she is ‘trusting’ and a ‘good kid’ 

Charlotte has asked her parents if she could ride her bike alone on Saturday at 6.15pm

No description of a suspect or vehicle has yet been given. 

In a TikTok video last night, Jene, Charlotte’s aunt, said: ‘In a TikTok, she said: ‘There isn’t information that we can tell at this time but if you can keep sharing her photo and praying really, that is the best that our family can ask of anyone tat this time. 

‘The police are doing their job. If you know anything at all, police contact the New York State Police. Any information would help.’ 

Charlotte’s mother Trisha told The Albany Times Union this weekend that she is a ‘trusting’ child. 

‘I just want my daughter back,’ she said. 

She and husband David have three daughters. The family lives nearby in a $200,000, three-bedroom home in Porters Corner, New York. 

New York Governor Kathy Hochul was at the state park yesterday to help with the search 

Park rangers were joined by New York State Troopers in the search for missing Charlotte

Volunteers searched the park yesterday after the Amber Alert was issued. Police say she is not there and had to have been removed by a captor

Trisha works for Stewart’s Shops, a grocery store chain. 

The family was meant to stay at the state park for a second night on Saturday when Charlotte vanished. Now, the park is closed. 

‘This family is hurting. You can’t imagine what the last 36 hours have been like for them. It’s devastating,’ Patrick Kane, a friend of the family, told The Times Union on Monday morning. 

Kane runs a remodeling business and said he had worked with Charlotte’s father David in the past. 

The Corinth Central School District, where Charlotte is in the fourth grade, issued a statement on Sunday after her disappearance. 

‘The Sena family has the full support of the entire Corinth district and community. The district has mobilized its crisis team which has training and protocol to follow for such situations. 

‘Our staff will be ready to respond to student concerns and questions. We will also have extra counselors on site for any students or staff who should need their support. 

‘The district maintains its focus on the safety and the well-being of our students and staff. 

‘Our hearts go out to the Sena family.’

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