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The creator of Father Ted has claimed he has been dropped by his TV agent after branding David Tennant an ‘abusive groomer’ on social media.

Graham Linehan criticised Doctor Who star Tennant in July on X – formerly known as Twitter – for wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Leave trans kids alone you absolute freaks’.

Mr Linehan, 55, who also described Tennant as ‘disgusting’, ‘ignorant’ and ‘reckless’, told a Conservative Party Conference event in Manchester that he had since been dropped by London-based agency Independent Talent.

He said yesterday afternoon: ‘I guess the other interesting thing that happened to me is I just lost my TV agent because I criticised David Tennant.

‘I only found this out later, because I looked at the list of people Independent Talent represented and David Tennant was at the top. And he’s making slightly more money than me at the moment, so I had to go.’ 

Mr Linehan belongs to a controversial school of thought that believes those who support the gender transition of youngsters are child abusers. He previously tweeted in January: ‘Telling children they have the wrong bodies is child abuse.’

Graham Linehan spoke at a meeting at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester yesterday, jointly hosted by the Institute of Economic Affairs and TaxPayers’ Alliance

Mr Linehan rose to fame in 1995 for creating the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted which ran until 1998. He then went on to pen Black Books and The IT Crowd.

But he has more recently become known for standing up to transgender activists, which led to a Twitter ban and his show at the Edinburgh Fringe being shut down.

The latest row began in July when Tennant appeared at the press launch in London for the second series of his Amazon Prime fantasy comedy show Good Omens.

He was wearing the T-shirt in question – and although the words were partly obscured by his blazer, internet sleuths soon tracked it down and found the full slogan on items sold by the retailer Crooked.

A user called ‘K Carnelian’ with the handle ‘@authenticterf’ posted a picture of Tennant in the T-shirt and said ‘FFS’. Linehan replied: ‘Disgusting, ignorant, reckless’.

David Tennant with co-star Michael Sheen in July at the press launch in London for the second series of his Amazon Prime series Good Omens – wearing the controversial T-shirt in question

The account Bad Writing Takes then replied to this, saying: ‘Disgraced former comedy writer Graham ‘Glinner’ Linehan calls much loved icon David Tennant ‘Disgusting’ after Tennant is photographed wearing a T-shirt opposing child abusers. Tennant’s shirt reads ‘Leave Trans Kids Alone You Absolute Freaks’.’

But Linehan then also replied to that post, saying: ‘Only disgraced among the ranks of abusive groomers like yourself and Tennant.’

Although this was back in July, it is only now that Linehan has revealed that his criticism of Tennant saw him dropped by the agency.

Yesterday’s event at The ThinkTent in the Manchester Central Convention Complex was called ‘Is the UK a safe space for free speech?’ and was jointly hosted by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA).

It also featured Baroness Fox, University of Kent politics professor Matthew Goodwin, TPA chief executive John O’Connell and IAE head of cultural affairs Marc Glendening.

Linehan posted a series of comments about David Tennant and his T-shirt on X in July

Last month Mr Linehan claimed he was blocked by police from attending the conference over his supposed anti-trans views.

The Irish sitcom writer complained to the party after he was denied access to the conference in Manchester, which resulted in a U-turn as chairman Greg Hands apologised and ensured he could attend.

Mr Linehan was not told the grounds for the refusal, but in 2018 he received a warning from West Yorkshire Police after an argument with a transgender activist on X.

He ended up performing outside the Scottish Parliament in August after two Edinburgh Fringe venues cancelled his appearance.

MailOnline has contacted Independent Talent for comment today.

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