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Last month was provisionally the UK’s joint warmest September on record, the Met Office has revealed.

It has been the joint-warmest September on records in a series which goes back to 1884, according to provisional Met Office statistics.

September 2023 in the UK had a mean temperature of 59F (15.2°C), which puts it level with 2006’s record figure. 

It is thought the figure has been ‘substantially influenced’ by the impact of climate change.

Parts of Britain will enjoy ‘unusually warm temperatures for October’ this week with highs of up to 72F (22°C) today and 77F (25°C) by the weekend, forecasters say.

Today it was reported that conditions will be warm and muggy for many areas – with a North/South split today as England and Wales experience cloud and rain while Scotland sees sunshine.

But there should then be mostly dry weather for the rest of the week in England and Wales with the odd scattered shower as temperatures build towards the weekend.

There will be highs of up to 70F (21C) for the South and 64F (18C) for the North from tomorrow until Friday. Then, Saturday could see 75F (24C) and Sunday 77F (25C).

The Met Office said average high temperatures for October are normally around 64F (18C) in the South East and 61F (16C) in the South West, Midlands and North.

This week will continue a warm autumn that began with one of the top two hottest Septembers on record. The Met Office will confirm later today where it ranked.

How this autumn has already been a record breaker for Britain


September 2023 was one of the top two warmest Septembers on record, in a series which dates back to 1884. Its final position will be confirmed today.

For the first time in September, temperatures exceeded 86F (30C) for seven consecutive days last month.

A high of 92.3F (33.5C) on September 10 was the UK’s hottest day of the year.

The UK’s hottest day of the year happening in September has only occurred on four previous occasions.


Yesterday was the UK’s warmest start to October in 12 years as Wisley in Surrey hit 75.4F (24.1C).

Yesterday also saw the highest October temperature in five years.

The Met Office said ‘unusually warm temperatures for October’ are possible in the South this weekend and next week. The average high for October is normally 64F (18C) in the South East.


Yesterday was the UK’s warmest start to October in 12 years, as well as the highest October temperature in five years as Wisley in Surrey hit 75.4F (24.1C).

But the mercury has to go some way to be a record-breaker for October, with the all-time high of 85.8F (29.9C) set at Gravesend in Kent on October 1, 2011.

Today, low pressure will sit to the North West as weather fronts move across England and Wales, bringing downpours despite highs of 72F (22C) in the South.

The Met Office said it would feel ‘warm and muggy under cloud and rain’, but there would be sunshine and showers elsewhere. The North will be 63F (17C).

Tonight, most of the UK will see wet conditions, with areas of southern England, Wales and Scotland expected to be hit with the heaviest showers.

In the South East, in particular near and around London and East Anglia, these showers will be thundery and persistent – but it will be drier for northern England.

Tomorrow, early rain will clear the South East to leave a fresh but bright day, with a mix of sunshine and scattered showers. There will be highs of 66F (19C) in the South and 63F (17C) in the North.

Wednesday will bring rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland, while there will be sunshine and showers for England and Wales. It will be 64F (18C) in the South and 63F (17C) in the North.

A ridge of high pressure is expected over the UK on Thursday amid variable cloud with light showers and highs of 66F (19C) in the South and 64F (18C) in the North.

Then on Friday there will be further heavy rain moving in across the North with 64F (18C) highs, while it will be dry in the South with spells of hazy warm sunshine and warmer with maximums of 70F (21C).

BBC Weather is then forecasting temperatures in London this weekend of 75F (24C) on Saturday and 77F (25C) on Sunday. The Met Office expects 72F (22C) on Saturday and 73F (23C) on Sunday.

It has been the joint-warmest September on records in a series which goes back to 1884, according to provisional Met Office statistics

Forecasters predict UK will bask in sunshine with ‘unusually warm’ 77F set to hit in first week of October. Pictured: Commuters riding on the tube in the hot weather 

Average high temperatures for October are normally around 18C (64F) in the South East

The Met Office said there was a ‘growing signal for something much warmer’ towards the weekend.

Its long range weather forecast for this Friday until Sunday, October 15 said: ‘A split in conditions is likely to develop across the UK early in the period. 

‘Further rain is expected in north-western areas, which could turn heavy, particularly over higher, westwards-facing ground and strong winds are also possible in these areas.

‘Southern areas, in contrast, are likely to remain much drier with light winds and some clear spells, which could lead to some overnight patches of mist and fog.

‘Temperatures are likely to be above average for many, especially so in the South where some unusually warm temperatures for October are possible.

‘These temperatures are likely to trend downward toward middle of the month, with the North West / South East split also slowly becoming less distinct as the weather becomes generally more changeable.’

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