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Netflix appears to have landed another hit with its new four-part documentary series which has left fans ‘hooked’.

Encounters spends each episode dissecting four high profile mass UFO or alien sightings from across the world, interviewing witnesses, sceptics and experts as well as shedding light on new evidence.

The cases investigated include a sighting by over 300 Texas locals in 2007 and 2008 where people spotted a ‘delta-shaped’ UFO across a five-month period. 

One viewer said on X, formerly Twitter, that they were ‘hooked’ on the series while another commented: ‘That Encounters show on Netflix is absolutely mega bonkers and I love it.’

As well as the Texas phenomena, Encounters also covers Wales’ UFO ‘Bermuda Triangle’, alien sightings in 1994 by over 60 children at a Zimbabwe school and sightings of bright lights over the Fukushima power plant after the 2011 nuclear disaster.

‘Hooked’: Netflix fans are all over the platform’s new documentary series, called Encounters, directed by Steven Spielberg, which investigates four mass UFO or alien sightings

Revelation: The series interviews witnesses and sceptics but also brings new evidence to light. Pictured: A Texas high school football team’s marching band celebrating the local UFO event

High praise: Viewers have been going ‘bonkers’ for the new docuseries, which has four episodes ranging from 45 to 53 minutes in length

Another fan of the show commented: ‘If you’re not watching Encounters in Netflix, you should,’ with someone else simply adding that it is ‘really good.’

Someone else said: ‘I’m watching Encounters on Netflix, and this show is absolutely fascinating and very well made.’

Despite the depth in which each episode, ranging in length from 45 to 53 minutes, goes into its relevant sighting, it is unsurprising that the series cannot solve the ultimate question of whether we are alone.

One lifelong alien enthusiast was impressed nonetheless, saying: ‘I’ve been such a UFO fanatic since a kid. 

‘I would read books about alien encounters, so watching this new Netflix show on this topic (Encounters) is so fascinating to me. Will we ever know the truth??’

Someone else who watched the show took a more conclusive view on the existence of life beyond Earth, and proposed that they are encouraging us to look after our home planet, as we fail to through disasters such as that in Fukushima.

They said: ‘Encounters on Netflix is sooo good. Aliens message to us is to take care of our world. They know earth is dying.’

‘Fascinating’: Alien fanatics have heaped praise on the new series, even if it cannot answer whether we are alone in the world

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