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Australian craft brewers claim Japanese giants, which own nine of our top 10 selling beers, have ‘locked them out’ of reaching drinkers at pubs across the country.

Sydney brewer Philter, run from the trendy inner west suburb of Marrickville, wants the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate and break up what it claims is a monopoly.

The independents say popular brands owned by Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) and Lion Nathan – both now in Japanese hands – dominate the taps through contracts with pubs that lock out smaller brewers and limit choice.

Five of Australia’s top-selling beers are owned by Asahi (Great Northern, Carlton Dry, VB, Pure Blonde and Asahi), while four are owned by Kirin (XXXX, Corona, Toohey and Hahn).

Because Asahi and Kirin are Japanese, most profits go offshore.

Small breweries such as Philter claim the system of giant breweries buying up contracts for the majority of taps in any given pub is unfair 

All of these Aussie beers have one thing in common – they’re owned byJapanese companies

The only Australian-owned beer in the top 10 sales chart is Adelaide-based Coopers.

Total annual beer sales in Australia are worth an estimated $22billion, but only 7 per cent is spent on independent breweries.

Mick Neil, co-founder of Sydney brewery Philter, said local breweries’ share of sales needs to increase if they are to survive.

While the number of breweries has grown in recent years, many are battling unsustainable costs that have risen dramatically since Covid.

‘Indie breweries employ 50 per cent of all workers in the beer industry but only get seven per cent of sales,’ Mr Neil told Daily Mail Australia.

He claims independents such as Philter miss out on a fairer share of pub sales and wants drinkers to wake up to where the money goes.

‘If you want to support your local community and brewing jobs and keep dollars in your local area, then buy a locally-made beer,’ Mr Neil said.

‘We’re trying to have a crack. We employ 30 people in local area, all live within walking distance of the brewery.’

He believes the decades-old system of giant breweries buying up contracts for the majority of taps in any given pub is unfair and needs to be dumped to promote Australian products and keep profits on-shore.

The top ten most popular beers in Australia in 2022, according to sales data, have been revealed

‘For decades these guys have been locking in long term exclusive contracts with pubs inhibiting independent beer from having a fair go,’ Mr Neil said.

Philter claims these tactics ‘would be considered anti competition and the government would stamp it out with appropriate legislation.’

The Brewers Association of Australia, which represents CUB, Lion Nathan and Coopers, told Daily Mail Australia there’s more breweries in Australia than ever.

‘Craft beer has surged over the past 15 years. That’s a good thing for Australian beer and beer drinkers,’ said John Preston, CEO of the BAA.

‘Independent beer’s share of draught beer has increased by 7 times over the past 15 years.’

Mr Neil said that growth has come from bottle store sales rather than in pubs, which are vital as that is where drinkers can decide what to buy at the bottle-o.

He claims drinkers lose out when they have to buy four or six packs of beer, or cases, instead of trying a schooner of a new beer in a pub.

‘It’s easier and cheaper to try a new beer at $9 or $10 a schooner instead of having to buy a six pack or larger amount for a lot more money.’

A spokesperson for Lion Nathan told Daily Mail Australia that it only does what drinkers want.

‘Publicans are in the business of giving their customers what they want,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘In pubs where craft beer is popular, you’ll usually find our beers alongside a range of independent brands.’

 Philter employs 30 people, all oh whom live within walking distance of its Marrickville brewery

Mick Neil (pictured left, with his Philter co-founder Stef Constantoulas) says many small brewers are battling with unsustainable costs which have risen dramatically since Covid

But Mr Neil doubts pubs can give drinkers true choice with the traditional tap contracts in place.

‘Maybe not even asking the consumer do they want something different. I’d say they’re assuming than rather asking.’

A spokesperson for Asahi said publicans make independent craft beers available on tap ‘in the overwhelming majority of our customers’ venues’.

‘You only need to visit a local bottle shop or pub to see how much Australian beer culture has changed.’

The ACCC responded to Daily Mail enquiries by saying it encourages any brewers who are concerned about potentially anticompetitive behaviour to ‘report it’.


All of Australia

Great Northern (Asahi/Japan)
Carlton Dry (Asahi/Japan)
XXXX Gold (Kirin/Japan)
Coopers (family business/Australia)
Victoria Bitter (Asahi/Japan)
Corona (Kirin/Japan)
Tooheys (Kirin/Japan)
Hahn (Kirin/Japan)
Pure Blonde (Asahi/Japan)
Asahi (Japan)

New South Wales

Corona (Asahi/Japan)
Balter XPA (Asahi/Japan)
4 Pines Pale Ale (Asahi/Japan)


Carlton Draught (Asahi/Japan)
Coburg Lager (family owned/Australian)
Balter XPA (Asahi/Japan)


Felons Crisp Lager (family owned/Australian)
Great Northern Super Crisp (Asahi/Japan)
XXXX Gold (Kirin/Japan)

Western Australia

Swan Draught (Kirin/Japan)
Carlton Dry (Asahi/Japan)
James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale (Kirin/Japan)

South Australia

Hahn Super Dry (Lion Nathan/Japan)
Coopers Pale Ale (family owned/Australia)
Great Northern Super Crisp (Asahi/Japan)


Cascade Lager (Asahi/Japan)
Balter XPA (Asahi/Japan)
Asahi Super Dry (Asahi/Japan)


Great Northern Super Crisp (Asahi/Japan)
Carlton Draught (Asahi/Japan)
Balter XPA (Asahi/Japan)

Northern Territory

Great Northern Super Crisp 2 (Asahi/Japan)
Coopers Pale Ale 3 (family owned/Australia)
Carlton Dry (Asahi/Japan) 

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