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Chilling footage shows the moment a hysterical woman screams ‘where is he’ after an eight-year-old boy fell into the sea, disappearing between a cruise ship and the dock.

The child, thought to be from northern Europe, was with his parents and sister on holiday in Salerno, Italy when he got into difficulty at the city’s port.

He was holding his father’s hand before he broke away and began running along the harbour wall, slipping and falling between the gap, according to local media.

The father then dived in after his son in a desperate attempt to save him, before both became stuck between the cruise ship and the harbour wall.

Blood-curdling screams ring out in the video, which are said to have alerted passersby who rushed to pull the father and son to safety.

Security guards and volunteers managed tp pull the boy’s father out of the water with the help of a life ring

The father can be seen stuck metres down in the water as concerned onlookers gather around to try and help him

In a moment that would be any parent’s worst nightmare, a woman who appears to be the boy’s mother is heard in the video desperately yelling ‘where is he’.

She frantically runs up and down the dock, searching for the boy.

With reports that the boy was struggling to find anything to hold to try and stay above water, passersby worked quickly to fish him out of the water.

Security guards and volunteers threw a rope which the boy then clung to, allowing him to be hauled out to safety.

A woman rushes up and down the dock, seemingly looking for the little boy. She can then be seen rushing over and attending to him after he reached safety

The relieved woman can be seen rushing over and attending to the little boy after he makes it to dry land. 

Rescuers continue to try and get his father up the steep wall, eventually succeeding with the help of a life belt.

No one was hurt in the incident, but the boy is said to have been left shaken, along with his terrified parents. 

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