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After a game that left a lot of fans feeling some ‘Bad Blood’ between themselves and the NFL, the league decided to amplify the fact that Taylor Swift was in attendance at the game between the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs.

On the league’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts, the NFL decided to change up their bios to references to the pop singer – who, in case you haven’t heard, is now dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The Instagram account read ‘chiefs are 2-0 as swifties’ while the Twitter account said ‘we had the best day with you today’ – a reference to Swift’s song ‘Best Day Ever’.

On Twitter, the account also changed its header photo to three images of Swift reacting to the game.

But as soon as they were posted, they were removed after many fans complained about the league leaning too much into the pop star’s appearances at games.

The NFL decided to lean further into the wave of interest they’ve gotten from Taylor Swift

Both the Instagram and Twitter accounts of the NFL changed to reference Swift on Monday

But quickly after, the bio line was deleted – leaving a ‘blank space’ there for some time

Instead, the Instagram account was replaced with a ‘blank space’ as no words showed up in the bio.

Eventually, both were changed again – with the Twitter account saying ‘Turning up in Tottenham’ and the Instagram bio saying ‘CMC 4 MVP?’

The first is a reference to next Sunday’s NFL in London game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills. The other refers to the great play by San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffery.

But those quick changes did not go unnoticed, with many football fans offering split opinions on the decision.

Some fans were angry with the change – saying that after a poorly officiated game, this felt like rubbing it in. Others believed that the backlash was unnecessary and overblown.

ESPN Jets reporter Rich Cimini called the situation a ‘bad look’ – something echoed by NFL Twitter reporter Dov Kleiman who said, ‘Might as well just bet KC winning the Super Bowl this year… could already be decided.’

But others believed that this much pushback wasn’t warranted. One user wrote, ‘People are like “Taylor Swift is ruining this NFL season” as if the sanctity of football rests on a Twitter banner, Instagram bio, and what the broadcast of one game cuts away to when there isn’t play happening.’

The Athletic’s college football reporter Nicole Auerbach wrote, ‘1) no one has ever cared what the NFL bio said before 2) some of us really like football *and* really like Taylor Swift! 3) it’s actually funny how mad it’s made people that the NFL has leaned into a fun pop culture crossover moment that could attract new fans’.

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