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Rachel Maddow took on the lazy thinking and punditry that both the Democratic and Republican Parties are the same.

Maddow said:

In the Democratic Party, it’s former president, Jimmy Carter in hospice turning 99 he may yet eradicate Guinea Worm infection from the face of the earth before he goes as part of his legacy of good works and practical, post, post-presidency, decency and leadership. We’ve got the current Democratic president running for re-election by showcasing how much he wants to work with Democrats and Republicans and how much it’s ok to compromise and not get everything you want as long as you bring people together and he’s committed to that.

On the right. It’s a, what’s the phrase, a declaration of war against the globalist American empire, shaping the media landscape in America and a former president indicted on 91 felonies and spending his days now trying to sic his supporters on the judges and prosecutors who are confronting him in court. Bothsidesism about our two major political parties has really never been unwarranted in this country in modern times, not in my lifetime right now. It is not just unwarranted, it is malpractice. 


Both parties are not the same. Republicans are being guided by a man who wants to destroy democracy. Democrats are being led by a president who is trying to save it. Democrats believe in governing. Republicans stand for dysfunction and chaos. Democrats are protecting liberties and freedoms. Republicans are passing big government legislation that is stealing the rights of women.

The two parties are not the same. The argument that the two parties are the same was always lazy, and it was a crutch that was used most often by those who pretend to be independent thinkers, but the truth is that they don’t want to make an effort to educate themselves and participate.

The most dangerous argument to democracy in America right now is that both parties are the same.

Democrats and Republicans have never been more different, and anyone who practices bothsidesism is damaging democracy.

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