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A picture of New Zealand Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon eating KFC has sparked debate online, with health experts arguing that he was promoting ‘unhealthy eating.

Mr Luxon posted a photo on social media, where he’s seen smiling, eating a box of KFC chicken, reflecting on his long day of campaigning.

His party is currently the favourite ahead of Labour as New Zealanders get ready to vote on October 14th

‘Dinner after another day campaigning to rebuild the economy and get our country back on track #chicken,’ Mr Luxon wrote.

But the image has resulted in severe backlash online, including from the President of the Australian Medical Association, Professor Steve Robson.

New Zealand Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon (pictured) has been slammed online after posting this image of himself eating KFC less than two weeks out from the election

‘What a disappointing image and message,’ he said.

Professor Robson told Daily Mail Australia that it was frustrating seeing one of New Zealand’s political leaders promoting unhealthy eating.

‘New Zealand has bountiful food offering some of the healthiest foods in the world. It is so disappointing to see a political leader associated with food of little or no nutritional value when there are so many healthy options,’ he said.

‘The AMA is campaigning to support measures to restrict advertising and targeting children with unhealthy food advertising.’

Many others on social media were also quick to call Mr Luxon out: ‘Aww come on Chris Luxon, you are better than this. Doing blatant promotional work for a fast food company is shameless.’

‘I’ll remember not to look to Luxon on health policy…’ commented another.

‘Pity you had to advertise junk food, but I suppose you want the general population to identify with you,’ wrote a third.

But some saw the lighthearted side to Mr Luxon’s post.

‘Don’t worry Chris it’ll be even more finger-licked good when you win the election. Get that champers ready!,’ wrote one person.

‘NZ thanks you for your work. I’ll be calling you PM in a few short months,’ said a second.

New Zealand’s National Party is well ahead in the polls over Labour after two terms in office.

Labour was polling in the mid-to-high 30 per cent range at the start of the year – enough to retain government with the help of the Greens and the Maori Party.

But the party has since slumped to the 20 per cent range – a far cry from Labour’s 50 per cent under Jacinda Ardern at the 2020 election.

In contrast, National is in the high 30s and looks set to govern in coalition with right-wing parties ACT, and possibly New Zealand First.

The National party is well ahead in the polls over Labour after two terms in office (pictured, Mr Luxon casting his ballot in Auckland) 

In terms of preferred prime minister, both Mr Luxon and Chris Hipkins (pictured) remain relatively close

In terms of preferred prime minister, both Mr Luxon and Chris Hipkins remain relatively close. 

A 1News Verian Poll published last week had both men at 23 per cent.

Advance voting has opened up for Kiwis ahead of polling day on October 14. 

The nation’s electoral commission opened more than 400 polling places across the country on Monday.

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