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President Biden was asked why he didn’t speak to former Speaker McCarthy more, and his answer shot down the idea that he should make the effort to cater to House Republicans.

Biden was asked, “Mr. President on speaker McCarthy if I can. Former Speaker McCarthy, then speaker McCarthy said the two of you hadn’t spoken directly in a long time. Why is that, and are you committed to engaging more regularly with the next House speaker?”

The President answered, ” We had two agreements. We shook hands on. And I assume he was working with — I knew he was working with the Democrats in the House and Senate. It wasn’t for me to do anything. If he wanted to talk to me, I was available. I’m available to whomever wants to talk to me. But the idea that I was going to somehow convince McCarthy to change his view was not reasonable.”


Presidents don’t talk to House Speakers when they are from the opposing party regularly unless there is something to be negotiated. Biden has different policy priorities than a Republican Speaker of the House. It is not Biden’s job to touch base with McCarthy or any other Speaker and make sure that they are doing well.

The media has been pushing the idea for years that Democrats need to cater to Republicans. The basis of this notion is the legacy media’s false belief that the United States is a conservative nation.

President Biden was right. He is the President. If McCarthy or anyone else wants to talk to him, he’s available, but the Democratic President Of The United will not be chasing around Republicans to get their approval.

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