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A convicted murderer, who killed two women he met at bars along the Florida Panhandle and was subsequently put on death row, has been executed.  

Michael Duane Zack III, 54, was killed by lethal injection at 6:14pm EST on Tuesday at Florida State Prison in Starke. 

On Tuesday, Zack met with his wife and spiritual adviser. He declined the last meal offered to him, and the department did not say what the meal was. 

The double murderer was asked if he had any last words, to which he said: ‘Yes sir.’

He then lifted his head to look at the witnesses and said: ‘I love you all.’ 

Michael Zack III, 54, died just after 6 pm on October 3 for the murder of Ravonne Smith who he stabbed and killed using an an oyster knife in June 1996

The US Supreme Court on Monday denied a request to halt the execution of the death row inmate after attorneys for Zack requested a stay of execution last week, court records show.

Michael Zack murdered Ravonne Smith, stabbing her using an an oyster knife, in June 1996. 

He was also convicted and separately sentenced to life in prison for murdering Laura Rosillo who he met at another bar in a nearby county.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Zack’s death warrant on August 17 but his attorneys said at trial that he should not face the death penalty because he suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

They argued that his brain was dysfunctional and he had a mental impairment – conditions which they claimed made Zack impulsive and cause him to be under constant emotional and mental distress. 

None of these claims held in court and he was sentenced for life.

The Florida Supreme Court and the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also passed on stopping the execution. 

The Florida Supreme Court and the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals passed on stopping the execution 

His nine-day crime run began in Tallahassee where he was a regular at a bar. When Zack’s girlfriend called and said he was being evicted, the bartender loaned him her pickup truck. Zack left with it and never returned, according to court records.

He drove to a Niceville bar in the Florida Panhandle where he befriended a construction company owner. The man learned Zack was living in the pickup truck and offered to let him stay at his home. 

Zack later stole two guns and $42 from him. He later pawned the guns for an unknown amount. 

At yet another bar, he met Rosillo and invited her to the beach to do drugs. He then beat her, dragged her partially clothed into the dunes, strangled her and kicked sand over her face. 

The next day he went to a Pensacola bar where he met Smith. The two went to the beach to smoke marijuana and later she took him to the house she shared with her boyfriend.

At Smith’s house, Zack smashed her over the head with a bottle, slammed her head into the floor, raped her and stabbed her four times in the center of the chest with an oyster knife. 

He then stole her television, VCR and purse and tried to pawn the electronics. The pawn shop suspected the items were stolen and Zack fled and hid in an empty house for two days before being arrested.

Zack admitted killing Smith in court and said that he became enraged and beat her when she made a comment about his mother’s murder, which his sister committed. 

He said he thought Smith was going to another room to get a gun when he stabbed her in self defense.

Zack’s execution was the eighth under DeSantis dating back to 2019 and the sixth this year after no executions in 2020 through 2022. 

DeSantis has made tougher, more far-reaching death penalty laws an issue in his presidential campaign.

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