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A dental receptionist sexually assaulted a 13-year old boy after she began chatting him up at random following a white wine binge.

Jade Berry, 27, was staggering through a nature reserve at 9pm when she accosted the child as he was sat on a woodland bench talking about his forthcoming 14th birthday with a friend.

During the incident Berry sat between the two boys, joined in the conversation and then began stroking the teenager’s genitals over his clothing before offering him sex and saying she would ‘ride you till morning’.

As the shocked youngster and his friend got up to leave, she pulled down her trousers and exposed herself to them before passing out in a drunken stupor.

The two boys got videos of Berry before fleeing the scene. She was later traced due to her leaving her bank card and phone at the bench in Rivacre Valley Country Park in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Berry, who lives in the village of Little Sutton near Ellesmere Port, faced up to two years jail after she pleaded guilty to sexual assault

Dental receptionist Jade Berry who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy in a park before exposing herself to him and passing out has been spared jail

When quizzed Berry exclaimed: ‘Oh My God, I do not recall anything’ – but was later picked out by the boy at an identity parade.

The 13 year old who has ADHD later said he was so traumatised by the encounter he tried to take his own life.

At Chester Crown Court, Berry who lives in the village of Little Sutton near Ellesmere Port faced up to two years jail after she pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a male but she was freed with 12 months in prison suspended for 18 months after claiming she had mental health issues.

She was also ordered to wear an electronic ‘sobriety’ tag for 120 days as part of an alcohol abstinence monitoring programme and will have to complete 35 rehabilitation activity days. She was told to sign on the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years.

The incident occurred on October 3 last year after Berry was making her way through the 300 acre nature reserve after drinking heavily with friends.

James Coutts, prosecuting, said: ‘The victim was seated on a bench in woodland when the defendant approached him. She was unknown to him and was clearly intoxicated. She sat between the two boys and began to touch and rub his genitals and the upper area of his thigh over his clothing whilst making highly inappropriate and sexualised comments. She said she was going to ”ride him till morning”.

‘They had in fact been talking previously about his upcoming 14th birthday – and it was quite clear to them she knew how old he was.

‘The boys almost immediately left, leaving her on the bench. She removed her clothing and exposed her genitals and buttocks before passing out. They did take a video of the scene.

‘The victim went home and told his mother who contacted the police. The officers attended the scene and found her bank card and her phone.

‘By the time the officers arrived she had left the area. But she was arrested on October 5. Her response to being arrested was, ‘Oh My God, I do not recall anything, like.’

‘She was asked questions in an interview. She answered ‘No comment’ to all questions. An identity parade was arranged in which the victim was involved.. He successfully identified the defendant as the one involved in the incident.

‘The victim described feeling low after the assault and described an occasion where he tried to take his own life. He had night terrors about the incident afterwards and nightmares which caused him to wet the bed. He described taking medication and does not feel able to return to the park. He does not leave the house much. He is feeling scared, anxious, and generally feeling unsafe.

‘He has received counselling from two separate sources to aid his recovery but he has lost the confidence that he had. Clearly there are aggravating factors to this offence. There was the presence of alcohol and the inebriation of the defendant and the victim was particularly vulnerable due to his age and difficulties.’

Berry had one previous conviction for drink driving from 2021.

She between them and touched him sexually over his clothes, before telling him ‘I’m going to ride you ’til morning’

Berry, 27, binged on white wine before approaching the boy and his friend at Rivacre Valley Country Park  in Ellesmere Port

Her counsel John Wyn Williams counsel said: ‘She has sadly suffered from mental health problems since the age of 15 or 16 and Covid was a particularly difficult time for her. She has a self-destructive nature and because of this nature she has turned to alcohol to deal with his issues but she now realises that is not the answer to her problems.

‘The separation of her parents is another factor that has caused her mental anguish. Her memory of this unfortunate incident is fairly scant but she did not want that young boy to have to give evidence in a trial. Her psychiatrist identifies anxiety disorder, panic attacks, borderline personality disorder, as mental health issues – and because of those problems she has been drinking too much.

‘It seems that her alcohol intoxication may have led her into doing and committing this offence. There is genuine heartfelt remorse and she shows victim empathy.

Sentencing the judge Mr Recorder Mr Eric Lamb ‘As it was a chance meeting, you were not aware of the vulnerability of your victim but the consequence of what you did have been awful for the complainant and his family. He has tried to take his own life, suffered night terrors, and required counselling in an effort to overcome the impact of that which you have done.

‘You have no recollection of what you did as a result of the amount of alcohol that you had taken but the commission of an offence, when drinking, is an aggravating feature. The reasons for your taking alcohol are many and complex and although I must have regard to whether or not you present a risk of serious harm to members of the public by the commission of further specific offences, in your case the conclusion is that such a risk is low. I accept that there is genuine and heartfelt remorse.

‘On the one hand, this is a sexual assault on a young person by someone who is 27 years of age and it is plainly a serious matter. But on the other side there is strong personal mitigation as a result of genuine remorse, and the series of events that have led you to your mental health difficulties. You now realise that you must alter your ways.’

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